A L♥ve Story~ (my sister took my wedding rings!) ~ by Faye Sims for Jo ~

I grew up in Marlow, Oklahoma. I was the second oldest of eight children, just beat out a year or so by my sister, Mary Jo.  My husband to be was from Bray, Oklahoma, much smaller even than Marlow.  He, Garland, was the oldest of eleven children.  We became engaged to be married in 1954 and almost immediately, Garland left for his United States Air Force Tech Training in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  I worked and continued to live with my mother, daddy and siblings while he was so many miles away.

Garland was determined to purchase a beautiful wedding set while he was in Wyoming.  I knew with his military pay of around fifty dollars a month, it would be tough.  But Garland was always an entrepreneur and would figure out a way. He lived in the barracks, much like what you would see on Gomer Pyle reruns.  On pay weekend, once a month, each man would collect his pay, buy his essential toiletries and then head back to the barracks with the cash that was left for good, all night, poker games.  There would be three or four games going at a time until the winner of each table would end up together for that last game.  Garland rarely lost.  And so in just a couple of months time, he had earned enough money from his poker games, to buy my wedding rings.  He had already chosen a beautiful Art Carved 14 K wedding set at a jewelry store in downtown Cheyenne.  The rings were quite expensive at over three hundred dollars, but he had “worked” hard and purchased them for his bride to be.

Once the rings were purchased, Garland decided it was not safe to have such an expensive item in his barracks.  He wrote to me and told me that he would be mailing them to me so that I should watch for them. Our delivery man lived not too far from our house in the country and drove an old Model-T.  I’ll never forget the day he pulled up to our farm-house and walked up to the porch.  I  knew what was in the package and could not WAIT to open my wedding set and put them on my finger!  The delivery man said that first though, I had to sign for them.  While I was in the process of signing for my rings, my sister, Jo, grabbed the package and took off with it! By the time I had finished up at the front door, she had the package OPENED and MY wedding rings were on HER finger!!  I don’t really recall the scramble and the words that had to have been exchanged after that.  I do know that Jo and I talked about it not too long ago and she told me that I should have been really mad at her.  That she would have been furious had I done that to her.  We all just laugh about it though, as it’s a great story to share.  (and I still have my guaranty on my rings! do you think it’s still good?)

And by the way, just months later, I (Faye) married my Air Force man on August 8, 1954 at the Nazarene parsonage in Marlow,Oklahoma.  I was eighteen and Garland was nineteen. My sister, Jo, helped me get ready for that wedding.  Never a hard feeling over the “ring thing”.  I needed her in my life. One month after marrying Garland, he shipped out to Germany and France for a total of nineteen months.

There’s a lot more to this story, but in a nutshell, Garland and I have had the happily ever after. (AND he hasn’t played poker in years! haha) This August we will be married 58 years.  My favorite get togethers are still with my sisters, yes, especially JO! (and Betty, Jean and Debbie!)

This story comes from our mother, Faye Sims, of Moore, Oklahoma.  She and her sisters love getting together to celebrate life, and when they are together, you are guaranteed to laugh. (and eat and shop!)  They are all still ornery and we wouldn’t have them any other way!

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23 Responses to A L♥ve Story~ (my sister took my wedding rings!) ~ by Faye Sims for Jo ~

  1. Christi says:

    Wow~ 58 years! Wonderful, wonderful story.

  2. renae says:

    …..and now I know “the rest of the story”……love it! This also explains a few things, I’ll let you just wonder about that 🙂 Thanks for sharing your awesome story from the best parents ever! Your favorite daughter…..hehehe…..Renae

  3. LINDA LESLIE says:

    Wonderful story to pass down in the family.

  4. Dottie Whitsitt says:

    What a beautiful Love Story!! ❤

  5. This was a very special story and I’m glad your mother took the time to write it down. You can hear the Oklahoma in her narrative, and I like that a great deal!

  6. Darla says:

    Richard and I had an engagement ‘by proxy’ similar to Faye and Garland. But it was my mother who made sure the rings sent from VietNam got on the hand. How funny to have that in common with you. Happy Valentine’s Day to two lovely people who share an enduring love. It’s obvious your daughters think the world of you; what a blessing!

  7. GMBlaxton says:

    I like. A lot.

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  9. Jo says:

    I just read this and it brought a tear or more to my eyes. You two are so special !! Never change I think about you always. Your husband has been a great friend to me!! You also but we share the stuff……I LOVE YOU BOTH FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME 🙂 <3<3

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  12. Rhonda says:

    Laughing…and cheering the bond between sisters. Reading this for the first time on what is now the 60th anniversary! Wow…what a blessing each to have found “the” one. And you seem to have inherited that from them Paula.
    What a blessing…xoxo

  13. I love this story – thank you for sharing it!
    Diana xo

  14. Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing, Paula. Hope all is well with you and yours! 🙂

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