Ribbons and Prayers for Rosalie ♥

Hubby and I have been planning for several months to attend a wedding of some dear young friends in Arkansas.  They married this past Saturday and I spent the latter part of the week preparing for us to leave town.  Mid-week, I was in the garage looking for bug spray when I first heard the siren.  The big one.  The tornado warning siren.  Many Oklahoma neighborhoods have these.  I quickly came to the conclusion that they were just testing the system, as the clouds were not tornado producing ones.  That’s the other thing.  Everyone in Oklahoma is a tornado expert.  A requirement to live in this Bible Belt state.  Back outside, I began to hear many more sirens, police and fire, in our little neighborhood.  My mind went where it always goes when I hear emergency signals , “Lord, please intercede for this person in trouble and put your hands on the rescuers.”  Then I went on to trim the yard. with my bug spray

Little did I know, that just a few steps away, at our neighborhood pool, a little two-year old was fighting the fight of her life.  In a pool full of children, it only takes a moment for one to get lost in the crowd.  Regardless of how many adults are present.  Rosalie was pulled from the bottom and rushed to a nearby children’s hospital.  The last update I saw was last night.  She was squeezing people’s fingers.  She had 10% blood flow to her brain.  She is struggling, but still fighting.

Look at this sweet little face.  And if you feel so inclined, please pray for Rosalie.  Pray for her parents and family.  You can follow their journey and updates, if you like, through their Facebook page, Please Pray for Rosalie. (the above photo is from their Facebook page)

Rosalie has no idea the impact she has made on our community.  There are probably three hundred (I’m not so great at estimates!) homes in our neighborhood.  Most every one has a pink ribbon on their mail box in support of Rosalie and her family.  This is now extending outside to other neighborhoods and businesses.  You might want to place a pink ribbon on your mailbox or light pole where you live? (and if you do…send me a pic & I will forward it to their “album”.)Oh ~ and as for the wedding this past weekend.  Well, C.J. and Hannah are “hitched”.  They looked very happy in the photos we viewed on-line.  We regrettably did not get to attend.  Our own 24 year old son had an emergency surgery and our vehicle took us the opposite direction to check on him.  He seems good now. But we needed to see that for ourselves.  Rosalie has reminded us that life can change in a moment.

If you are a praying person, please pray for little Rosalie (Rosie) and her family. ♥

And be nice to each other….you really never know what they may be facing today ….

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63 Responses to Ribbons and Prayers for Rosalie ♥

  1. Dear Paula, My thoughts are with little Rosalie and her family and her whole community. I am so sorry to hear of her accident, but glad that your son is recovering.

  2. Juliana says:

    Me and my family have been praying for Rosalie and her family too…They need all the support and prayers and so many people have shown that….God is good and I’m so glad we have Him to rely on.

    • It has been awesome to see the support…I agree Juliana! And it was overwhelming driving thru our neighborhood Sunday, seeing every light pole and every mailbox with a pink ribbon. Now we keep praying ♥

  3. Dottie Whitsitt says:

    Still Praying for Rosalie!! Looking for some pink ribbon to tie on my mailbox!! ❤

  4. Praying with you in Massachusetts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I shall certainly say a prayer for that sweet little angel and her family. I’m also glad your son is alright. You’ve had a stressful weekend, take care Paula…

  6. beatrix mana says:

    I will surely pray for Rosalie and her family as well as your son.

  7. I’m still praying for this sweet baby. We prayed for her during our Bible Study Thursday night. Please keep us posted!

  8. robincoyle says:

    Except for the wedding, too hard to hit “like” on this sad story.

  9. Living in very hot Arizona, and so many swimming pools, and so many little children….almost every day we read or hear of another child found in a pool. It can happen so quickly. I pray for little Rosalie’s full recovery. I know her parents are feeling guilt, worry and sadness. I pray God will give them peace of mind. Blessings on your son too, Paula. You need to sit in a bathtub full of bubbles and your cherry coke drink close by. Thanks for allowing us to share your burdens.

  10. The update today for little Miss Rosalie, is that her vitals continue to be stable. She is in desperate need of a miracle ♥♥♥

  11. Prayers sent from Mississippi for this sweet little girl.

  12. Lisa says:

    Prayers from Canada for Rosalie

  13. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  14. This is the most recent update from the family: (6-18-2012 10pm)Hey everyone! Sorry that we took so long getting you an update on Rosalie today. She had such a great day! Her vitals all stayed very stable overnight and through the day. Her temperature is beginning to stabilize! We have been able to maintain her temperature most of the day on the very lowest setting of the heating blanket! Also, several days ago, the nurses started to give her a “bath”, and it caused her temperature, blood pressure and heart rate to drop and gave us all a good scare. Today, we braved the “bath” again, because we are trusting God that it is in His hands. Rosalie did very well, and actually, her vitals seemed to respond positively to it. Tonight we continue to pray for complete healing of Rosalie’s body. Specifically, we will be praying for her breathing to get stronger and that we will start to see her breathing on her own again. Also, we are praying that she will open her eyes soon! Please join us in praying for over all healing, but also in these specific needs. Thank you all so much for your continued love and support of Rosalie and our family! Thank you Lord for the blessing of one more day with our sweet Rosalie, and for continuing to heal her little body. We love you Lord!

  15. char says:

    Will definitely keep this sweet girl and her family in my prayers now that I know.

  16. nyparrot says:

    Dear Rosalie,
    I thought of you so much today
    I went to God in prayer,
    To ask Him to watch over you
    And show you that I care.
    My prayer for you was not for rewards
    That you could touch or feel,
    But true rewards for happiness
    That are so very real.
    Like love and understanding
    In all the things you do,
    And guidance when you need it most
    To see your troubles through.
    I asked Him for good health for you
    So your future could be bright,
    And faith to accept life’s challenges
    And the courage to do what’s right.
    I gave thanks to Him
    For granting my prayer
    To bring you peace and love.
    May you feel the warmth in your life
    With God’s blessings from above
    (this from: http://www.recoveryweekend.org/recovery_prayer.htm)

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  18. adinparadise says:

    Praying for a miracle for little Rosalie. I do hope that your son makes a full recovery.

    • Rosalie continues to fight. Her vitals have been stable for the last 48 hours, at the last report. My son is recovering well….thanks so much for your concern. And thank you for the visit ~ ♥

  19. Please keep us informed; our hearts ache for this little innocent and her helpless family.
    Fate is so strange; what starts out as a happy day with joy and happiness to look forward to, turns out in a second to be hand wrenching and potentially tragic.

    Good Luck to your son and to Rosalie: may God be Good to them.

  20. beebeesworld says:

    Thank you for reading “blackberries..” 0on my blog-I like your Rosalie story-it touched my heart-as a mother who lost her 15 yr old son very suddenly, I can only hope this little girls parents dont go through the utter life changing hell that I have. Consider reading my stories/poems etc about my son, organizations that help prevent the death of young athletes. as well as my varied nature reports and editorials. id be honored if you follow and/or comment on my blog.

  21. beebeesworld says:

    Forgot to push the “notify” buttons,,,sorry

  22. nyparrot says:

    How’s Rosalie feeling?

  23. kizzylee says:

    our thoughts and prayers are with little rosalie and all her family i hope she gets stronger each day and
    i am glad your son is healing well i wish him a full recovery,

  24. Little Rosalie is so adorable. I have a 2 year old grandson that is also adorable. The world is a much better place with all the adorable 2 year olds in it. My heart goes out to Rosalie and her family and I will be praying for them as well.

  25. TBM says:

    Just read this, I hope she is doing well. My thoughts are with this little gal and her family.

  26. Hi Paula
    I don’t know how to send the pictures to you but you can pick them up from here:


  27. torimcrae says:

    Paula, I plan on reposting the blog about Rosalie on Saturday (Aug. 25) but wanted to check on her status. As I was posting I noticed that the accident happened in June and the update was for July. How is she doing now, this 3rd week of August? If I proceed to post “Ribbons and Prayers…” I plan on posting an update on Sunday, the 26th. I also sent the information about Rosalie out to our church prayer chain. Thanks.

    • Rosalie is still in the hospital. Here is her Mom’s update for today. Your prayers and awareness are much appreciated! If you are a “facebook” person, you may follow the updates on “Please Pray for Rosalie”. Thank you so much! paula ♥

      Thank you Father for another day with Rosalie! God you are such a loving God! We love you so much and praise you for this wonderful day to spend with you. Rosalie is doing good, everyday we just see her respond to more and different things! Bowels and stomach are doing great! She is rocking all her vitals too! Thank yo
      u Jesus! I had a scary pregnancy with Rosalie, I ended up being on bed rest with her in the hospital for a week or so before I had her. I had really high blood pressure and early stages of preeclampsia. One day I was sitting there and pretty sure I was about to stroke due to high blood pressure. They rushed me to the Operating Room and did an emergency C-section. She was exactly 5 weeks early. She spent 6 days in the NICU, everything was fine and she went right home after that. Praise God! Well the only thing I noticed with her was that if you were to run your finger from ear to the top of the head to her other ear, you would feel a separation in her skull. They told me that she was early and that is just something that can happen when they don’t go full term. She said that it would eventually come together and fully fuse but it might take her a little longer because she was early. With this accident she had brain swelling due to lack of oxygen we were told that she would herniated into her brain stem because she didn’t have anywhere else for her brain to go. So we prayed, day after day went by and nothing happened. When we had the CT done, we saw that her skull had separated in the exact same spot that she was born with. There for it created room for the brain to swell. We were feeling around her head the other day to see what it felt like….. Her skull is almost all the way back together!! Praise God! I know that in the storm of my baby Rosalie being born early, God knew the plans for her life then and he knows them now!! Had she gone full term and had a fully fussed skull she would have herniated which basically when that happens the outcome is more than likely passing away. Jesus has Rosalie and has been holding her in his arms her whole life and I know he is watching over her now until its time to come back to us. I was struggling a few days last week and for 4 days I just cried out to God and I knew he was close but I just didn’t feel the peace that I had always felt. I prayed and asked God to bring that peace back to me because I hated living in the future or in fear which is where I had gotten. I didn’t understand why he didn’t just wrap peace all around me right then. The more I prayed the more it became clear that in order for God to just release in me the peace that surpasses all understanding I needed to release Rosalie back into his care and stop leaning on my own understanding. Then this devotional just clarified to me what I heard God tell me. Thank you all for praying for Rosalie. He is the God that is full of Grace and Peace! Thank you all for crying out and loving our Lord and savior! God bless.

  28. Paula, thanks for passing on the update and, thanks, Tori for requesting it. I don’t do facebook so rely on this site for news.

    • torimcrae says:

      Rosalie, Just want to let you know that I’m going to be posting updates from Facebook to my blog as well, so you can check both here and on my blog. I know what you mean about not doing Facebook. It annoys the heck out of me. So much of it is meaningless drivel and by and large I think it’s a big time-waster. But as a writer its almost a necessary evil. And for situations like little Rosalie I think it’s a godsend.

      Paula, thanks for your original involvement in this situation and for keeping the news up to date. Now that I’ve discovered the FB page I’ll be checking in there but I’m going to be checking back with your site as well.

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  30. 9-4-12 update from Mom: Rosalie is doing good! We are continuing to see new signs of response from her. Today they put a urine catheter in just to check something and she wiggled , her heart rate came up and her face got red. I hate that she got upset but it was a new sign to us of her awareness! She seems to becoming more aware everyday of things around her. We just can’t believe how far she has come since the first day when we were told she would not live past the first 12 hours. We have been through so much healing over the past 3 months. She didn’t have a heart beat for over an hour….I know that at least 5 times we would told that she would not make it through the next 12 hours, 8 hours, 3 hours, by the grace of God Rosalie is still here with us today and we lift our hands high in praise to our Lord and Savior. She is in God’s hands and always has been. There is nothing more for the Dr’s to do for her in the hospital as she is being healed in Jesus Christ name….. So I would like to let everyone know that Rosalie will be coming home on Thursday! Praise God for bringing her far enough to be able to go home to finish healing in His hands. We all feel so much peace about going home. She is on 2 medications as of right now. One for her stomach and one for her fluid balance problem. Other than that she is stable just healing more and more each day. Please pray for us while we travel home on Thursday. I have prayed a lot about going home and I know that this is the path God is leading us down and I trust him. We are so excited to bring her home!! Thank you all so much for your prayers!!

  31. Just to let you know, Rosalie did come home on Thursday. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers! ♥

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