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Several weeks ago I received an e-mail from a friend that said, “You might wanna blog about this sometime.” She went on to talk about friendships and was wondering how we fall into friendships in life?  Are we attracted to others because of like interests?  Or is it opposite interests?  What makes us remain friends through the years?  Well, since I wake up with “nuttin” so many mornings, you thought I planned this stuff?, I made a mental note of this e-mail.

I re-read the message this evening.  It made me think about friends that have come and gone in my life.  They were true and real at the time. But moves and time and life happens.  And suddenly it’s been a few years since you’ve talked.  You always treasure the friendship and memory in your heart, but either you or they, or maybe both (?) have taken a different direction.  It. Just. Happens.

People are placed in our life for a reason.  Some good.  Some ~ well, not so good.  Some for forever and others are just for that moment when you chit-chat at the  grocery store.  (You know what I’m talking about.  You leave thinking to yourself, ‘I think we could be friends’.)

I don’t have any answers, dear Delores.  It is my thinking that friendships either happen or they don’t.   You have left me pondering.  But perhaps your most pertinent question of the  e-mail was this; I wonder if they ever hide Snicker Bars in the back of the freezer to enjoy with coffee on a day when they need some cheering.”  This should be the basis for every relationship.  Period.♥

Here’s to friends, present and past. To those we meet in blog world.  And to those that could have happened ~ had we been in line at the post office at the same time. 🙂

Happy Friday 🙂  And much love to Delores ♥

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34 Responses to Paula’s Ponderings ~

  1. artsifrtsy says:

    I think it’s interesting how social media has helped make re-connections. This post made me think of some old pals from past lives – I need to phone home:)

  2. adinparadise says:

    I often think of friends I’ve had in the past. It’s strange how many friends come and then seem to disappear, whilst others are permanent. I’m grateful for them all. 🙂

  3. Funny, I was just pondering the notion of friendships too! Your post is great-we never know where our next friend might be found. I love that feeling when you interact with someone and it just feels like, you know it might easily be more if given the chance. It does seem though, that when you least it expect her, there she is..a new friend. 🙂

  4. Sandy says:

    Friendships are like jigsaw puzzles, some pieces are obvious, and fit together immediately. Some pieces you KNOW are right, but you have to turn them every which way to make them fit THEN they are forever in place. Sadly some fall off the table and aren’t found for a while, then they are found and complete the puzzle. Unfortunately some pieces just sometimes get lost, and there is just a blank spot where they should be.

  5. I’ve thought about this many time too…
    “What if I never moved to Norway and met Marita?”
    “What if we never went to Houston where I met Jennie?”
    “What would my life be like if I never started blogging, where I’ve met dozens of interesting people?”

  6. Happy Friday to you too!

  7. Dena says:

    I love stories about fate and destiny and the stars being aligned with the planets at just the right moment. Your description of friendships and why they last so long (or, coincidentally, do not) is how I have tried to walk away from every failed relationship, be it with a man or a job or a car. We are all placed her to impact lives, I believe, so I just hope the majority of my people-meeting is on the positive side.

    Also, it’s been fun knowing you as a blog-friend as you were one of the first to welcome me to Oklahoma. I’ll always remember that.

    • I am sure you have a positive impact on many lives, Dena….thru life and thru you blog. 🙂 And I am honored to have been one of the first to welcome you to our fair state. Kuddos to you for making this move as I know how very tough it can be. ♥ (check out the state fair while it is going on! it rocks!)

  8. superphoenix says:

    you’re so right… there are friends that i haven’t spoken to for couple of months now and some who I haven’t seen in years. There are no hard feelings. It’s just that with time, life takes its own course and people just go their own way.

  9. Jeannette Wynne says:

    Finally got to read this post and since Delores has been my special friend for 30 some years, I thought I should add my two cents worth. It is interesting how friends and friendships come and go. We have friends from church, friends from school days, friends from the gym, neighbor friends, friends I volunteer with at our local historical society, friends from my husband’s work before he retired, and retired friends, friends I met online but never in person….so many kinds of friendships! I think you have to be a friend to attract friends. I can’t imagine life without all these friendships and certainly not without my friend Delores! Thank goodness for e-mail:)

    • Good points….Delores is a dear! Hope you have a good weekend ! ♥

      • Well Paula, I had totally forgotten about that exchange concerning Snickers and friends. I think it’s interesting how we categorize our friends, and how small is the group that you can tell your secrets to, or can ask them to pray for you during tough times. How blessed we are to have friends that cover all the bases. I consider you to be in that smallest category, and appreciate knowing you are sitting back there in Oklahoma thinking up blogs that challenge us, or encourage us. I love your travel blogs. I also feel a connection to you because of being born in that tiny town of Braman, OK. so many years ago. There’s just something special about Oklahoma friends. Enjoy your weekend!

      • And to think our connection began with a book, Delores. ♥ Oklahoma would shine brighter if you were still here….but I’m thinking AZ needed you. So blessed to know you! ♥

  10. toemailer says:

    We would love to reblog this at toemail if you do not mind?

  11. tchistorygal says:

    I thought this was toemailer when I first saw the picture. Sweet post. There always seems to be chemistry in friend even across cyberspace, and how is that??? It’s amazing!!!!

  12. toemailer says:

    Silly me, forgot to ask your location?

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