The Very Hungry Hornworm

tomato hornworm

While I was away for a few days, a couple of tomato hornworms came to visit.  It’s always the same.  Something appears to be missing. like all the leaves on a plant! You see a bunch of okra seed underneath the now bare plant.  it’s not okra, it’s poop! You realize you have uninvited guests. I do hope they don’t come back!  I did not know the devil horned critters liked jalapeno peppers!

So what creepy visitors have you fed this season?

Happy Friday.  And be nice to people….even though it’s not always so easy.

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Signs, signs…

aug wizard aug brick and cross aug ass in a sling aug brick building flag aug drug van aug route 66 aug fur shop aug rebel truck aug2

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In the Parking Lot





Gotta love an imagination! This art car was in a parking lot where I shopped today. It was a scorcher outside, but it didn’t stop folks like me from stopping, snapping a few photos, giggling a little, and chatting with each other.

Check out the info sheet on the window!

And to the artist ~Thanks for giving me a reason to “pause” with strangers/friends today.

Be nice to people.

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Greetings from my empty nest!


Join me in welcoming my forever friend to the land of blog! Seriously….Lauri and I have known each other since 2nd grade. I could tell you some wild and crazy stories…..but then so could she, SO I WON’T!!!! Hugs, Laur♥

Originally posted on Musings from an Empty Nest:

Our children take flying from the nest seriously.  As you can see from the theme picture our offspring live in various cities of the U.S.  Each magnet on the map represents one of our adult kiddos.  We prepared for this season their whole lives, but didn’t expect it to come so fast!

I’ve discovered parenting doesn’t end when they leave the nest…it just changes.  It’s not necessarily easier…but is weightier.  They still need us…but in a different way. The empty nest is a whole new world of navigating the art of parenting in a way that (hopefully) strives to meet the need of each amazing person God has placed in our family.

It is an honor to be mom to four amazing, unique adults navigating this difficult world. My husband and I have enjoyed every season with our kids…but we like the empty nest the best!

My first musing is…don’t…

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Through the Windshield

It’s been a while since I took you on a Sunday drive with us. Our past month has been an interesting one ~ full of joys, and some scares. This drive seemed to take us away for a little bit….and remind us of how blessed we are to still have each other’s hand to hold. It’s not always about where you are going, it’s about sharing the journey along the way.
drive july 2 drive july 1 drive july drive july 3 drive july 4 drive july 5 drive july 6 drive july 8 drive july 9
Treasure each day with your loved ones.  And be kind to people.  They need it, and so do you.

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False Accusations

stolen picI wandered around a garage sale that held treasures from the life of someone else.  There were many vintage items and I adore vintage.  But we were on the road with limited room in the vehicle, so I settled on one item that I thought would mix well with my goodies at home.  The sticker said $2.00 and I handed the lady a five dollar bill.  She slowly looked behind her one way….then the other way….holding my money but not acknowledging me.  Then she said to another lady that stepped around the corner…. wasn’t this five dollars?  To which she replied, No….I changed it to two.  Her meaning then slapped me in the face.   If you are insinuating that I switched prices, you would be mistaken.  Her eyes got big and she  said…. um….No….  There were no apologies.  I took my change and my cow picture and then saw the look on hubby’s face as he had watched the accusation exchange.  I can’t believe you didn’t just leave without the picture!  I know….I have never been accused of stealing before either.  But I really wanted that picture for $2.00 ….so that’s why I still bought it.stolen pic 2

I fumed over that incident for the next couple of days and shared it with anyone that would listen. How many people are falsely accused and are now living a different life than they should be or a life of incarceration because someone didn’t have all the facts, and would not own up to their mistake?

Then I had a flashback of fifth or sixth grade.  The lady that ran the little store across the street from our little school came across to visit with several of us for a few minutes.  She was wearing her money apron.  I don’t know why we were playing with the quarters, but I was holding two of them.  As she started to go back across the street, instead of her taking them in her hand, I put them back in her pocket.  A day or two later she saw me in front of the school and confronted me in front of my friends.  She told me that I had never returned the quarters and I owed her fifty cents.  She was going to add it to my tab at the store.  I reminded her of my putting them back in her pocket, but she said, No. They weren’t there.  You never did.  I really don’t know why a woman thirty plus years older than me would want to embarrass and accuse me. Nor did I understand why she needed an extra fifty cents! But the next day, I went to her store and approached her.  I told her that she and I both knew that I had returned those coins to her pocket.  I didn’t know why she say otherwise ….but that I would replace the fifty cents from my lunch money, if she insisted.  She took my quarters.  It still baffles me to this day.  My opinion of this woman changed.  Her niceties to me as I continued to grow up in the same town, were never taken to heart.  My word and integrity and character mattered to me and I would keep mine.

In summary….. I am not a thief.  Unless you hesitate in eating your sugar cookie.   Now that’s a different story entirely.

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Spiders and Ramblings

web 1

Ya gotta start pretty early in the morning if you want to work in the yard right now. Or really late. Even then it is still hot.  Heat and humidity and high pressure systems. The weather guys may as well go on vacation this time of year as the story repeats itself each day.

NOT what I wanted to ramble about though…. The early sunlight cast a glow on this spider web this morning. While I made a mental note to be careful not to stick any body parts underneath this tree….I also had to grab my cell phone to capture a couple of photos. I thought of the children’s story, Charlotte’s Web. except our farm animals are two inside dogs, several toads and a rabbit    I thought about the masterpiece that this little creature had designed.  Amazing.

Next thing I knew, I was thinking of my Aunt Jean, my mom’s sister.  This lady can make anything.  Quilting, crocheting, blankets, tablecloths…..I can hear her saying, “Oh, I just do it when I have nothing to do.”    Aunt Jean has never not had something to do.  Pretty incredible.

Then I wondered why my several attempts at crocheting were such massive fails?  How can Jean, and my daughter-in-love, and so many people make it appear so simple while I can barely do a single chain? Should I try again?  And why can’t I tap dance? :)

Yep, a person’s gotta get up pretty early to come up with these thoughts…..thanks Ms. Spider.

Be nice to people.  You just never know what people might be going through….

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My Mop, My Friend

mops 024

This is a ridiculous scenario.  And I am venting more that anything.  You’ve been warned.

So let me tell you a little story about a mop.  I like a clean house, especially my floors. Being the vacuum cleaner “queen” is a title I hold with honor.  But I may have just earned a new title.  Lady Mop.

When we ripped out our carpet a couple of years ago, we had it replaced with Shaw laminate flooring.  The floors looked so much better than the old builder’s carpet and they would be easier to keep clean!  I recall asking the guy that sold us the flooring how I should take care of them. He told us Bona or anything similar and a microfiber mop.  I bought two mops.  Plus I had my Swiffer and my dust mop.  It took a while to get rid of all the sawdust residue from the installation.  MUCHO VACUUMING!  But we finally did.  Then I mopped with the new microfiber O’Cedar mop.  Smears and streaks.  A cleaning person told me I should mix plain water with a touch of Dawn soap.  Worse.  So I headed to Home Depot and bought every cleaner that said it was for this kind of flooring.  I lined up five cleaners and did three foot “cleanings”.  Bona did the best, but still left some smudges.  I was SOOO discouraged.  We had spent our vacation money for the next three years on these new floors and we were ready to carpet over them.  The Shaw “boss” came to our house.  He said the floors had buildup and that we needed to start over.  He told me to purchase denatured alcohol, gloves, mask, and white cleaning cloths.  I sat on my bumpas and cleaned every square inch of the floors.  He gave us a bottle of their Shaw floor cleaner to start fresh.  It left smudges and smears.

For the next year and a half I just dealt with it.  I learned to keep the shades closed and the lights low and I couldn’t see it so much!  Winter was the best season for not seeing the ickyness.

A few weeks ago I once again decided that this was ridiculous and it shouldn’t be this way.  I started doing more research.  I called Bona(since Shaw had been no help) and explained my dilemma.  She said….you have to stop half way through mopping, clean the mop head, wring it out so that no water can get in the crevices, and then it shouldn’t leave streaks.  That’s also when the bell went off in my head…DING DING DING!  Your O’Cedar mop stinks. Your Swiffer stinks. Get a new mop.  So the research began for a GOOD stinking mop.

And I found a winner at Lowe’s.  Rubbermaid’s “Reveal” microfiber Spray Mop! This mop with the Bona Cleaner (NOT the wax) cleans my floors with no streaks or residue and I am finally enjoying our vacation floors!  Okay…..maybe I went a little off the deep end with this search….but….anyone who really knows me KNOWS this is a big deal to me.  And my big sister said that I should tell you.  Cause she doesn’t wanna hear about it anymore!  So now I have.  :)  And if anyone actually made it this far into this text.  I thank you.

Now can someone solve my next problem, please?  How do I keep our dog’s paw prints off of the floors when it rains?  What do you use to wipe paws that absorbs all wetness? Okay.  I guess we will tackle this one another day.

Be nice to people. You never know what they may be dealing with today.  Even the guy at the car rental place who put you in the wrong rental car twice in one day.  Who knows what I’ll be driving tomorrow? 

p.s.  No, I did not receive any compensation or product from Rubbermaid or Bona for this review.  However…..I will gladly send them my address if they want to pay me!!! Also, The Rubbermaid Reveal was around $25 at Lowe’s and the extra replacement pad (for rotation) was about $6.  Last week I found them at Sam’s Club for $20 including the extra pad.  Curses.  But at least now YOU know!

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At my age you would think a person would know what they wanna be when they grow up.  Nope.  There are a few ideas in my head, but no certainties.  When my boys were growing up we were always reading and going on field trips and exploring new places.  Our hopes were that this process would give them the desire to always be open to new adventures, lands, and people.  It worked well with them, and I’d like to think I am finally taking a bit of my own advice.highlands and jane 2 blog blur

A few months ago I approached a nursing home about volunteering a day or so a week.  A new friend that I met around Christmastime at J.C. Penny’s said that she would like to go as well.  So Paula and Marsha teamed up with a terrific director at the home….and we started knocking on doors, not knowing exactly how we’d be received on the other side.

Bernice.  No, not her real name, but there are privacy issues, and I like that name.  I knocked on her door and heard a, Come In.  There sat a very classy lady with a stylish short haircut and adorable glasses, she was reading.  I told her who I was, using my normal voice….but was interrupted. You’ll have to speak up if you want to talk to me.  I can’t hear well.  I dug deeper and found my mother voice, and tried again.  Bernice then invited me to sit down and  the next 45 minutes seemed like only 10.  It was time for lunch and I walked with her to the dining hall.  She asked if I would come again. I did just that.

Bernice is now a dear friend.  She calls me on the phone to check in and I do the same with her.  Our weekly visits have turned into 2 or 3 times a week.  It’s hard with so many sweet people in one place, I don’t want to show favoritism….but I think I do. We celebrated our birthdays together a couple of months back.  She turned ninety and I turned a little less than that. smile She claims she hates surprises, but I have discovered she LOVES surprises.

One of my neighbor’s gave me a wheel chair this week.  Hubby helped me delivery it to Bernice.  The look on her face when she discovered it was just for her use?  Priceless.  We wheeled all over that place for the next twenty minutes. Then it was time for the ice cream social. Everything must stop for ice cream.

I am being enlightened about “the system”, elders, their fears and frustrations, limitations, and simply put, living.  I am seeing more and more that there are lonely people at every turn, and that everyone is looking for a friend.  A real friend.

Bernice tells me she really doesn’t like old people very much.  Haha.  She is keeping me young….and laughing.

I’m just guessing there’s a Bernice close to you that could use a friend.

Be nice to people.  Back soon ♥

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dad eagle verse flag mem signs dad's flags veterans 036 vote necklace

Last Year

Last Year

sunset flag 1

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