Daily Treasures

We never know what a day may bring….or what treasures might be dropped right in front of us. This was that kind of day. A glorious much-needed rain….all. day. long. When it finally stopped, out I went with my little dogs to the backyard only to see a rainbow! While I grabbed the camera and attempted to catch the quickly fading colors, hubby called. He was all about the brilliant rainbow. How could we be in the same town and have different rainbows?!? Go out to the front yard, he said.
rainbow 1 kihley
And there I found the other end that I know must have been  hiding the pot of gold. After just a couple of shots…my favorite five-year old arrived. Did you see the rainbow, K? (I asked) She looked at the skittles in the sky, unimpressed, and then her eyes lit up. OH! I have to check on my flowers! (she said…running to the end of my porch)
rainbows kihley 2
And with my camera in hand….I found the greatest treasure of all. Rainbows come in many forms.  rainbows kihley 3While I have much concern about the future of our world…… that moment when I see a child concerned about “her flowers” after the rain….well….a little hope is restored. Love you, my K. Your mommy is smiling from heaven.

Be nice to people.  You never know what they may be dealing with today. ♥

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Front Porches are for the Birds

blooms birds road trip snake chair 084
We decided this year we would discourage the bird nests from our front porch. They’d already claimed the grill on the back porch!   We found a toy snake at a garage sale.  It’s been said these will scare the birds away. Cheap fix. :)

birds blooms mom bird

Hello Bird!

blooms birds mom and babies
Hello little ones!  Love them. What were thinking?


Be nice to people. You never know what they may be going through. ♥

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Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

July 4th flags and boys






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The Farmer’s Market

A Saturday trip to Oklahoma City? A stop by the OSU Farmer’s Market should top that list. It is so much more that fruits and veggies…
osu market june grasshopper

osu farmer's mkt pauline

osu market june 007monica

osu market june music

osu market june drum

osu market june violin case

osu market junebbasil

mom and dad farmer's market

Go by and say Hello to Mom and Dad!

osu market june orchards

osu market june marv and dad

osu market june jewels of opar

Now in my garden!

osu market june paula

osu market june c

osu market june gourd

Support your local farmers!

And be nice to people. You never know what they may be going through today.

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While You Were Out


Mad noteA note left for my son at work…..too great not to share!  :)

Be Nice to People!

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How to KILL Tomatoes in Six Weeks

A few weeks ago, I posted Growing Maters, to show you a different method for planting tomatoes that would require less work/watering.  After hubby planted our eight plants, we took a little trip to mom and dad’s and he did the same thing there for them. Fool proof.  Right?

Enter….aphids.  I watched for the big ugly tomato worms….but was surprised at finding our plants covered in nasty tiny white critters!  I talked to mom…. googled some organic ways to rid our plants of the pests, treated them with sprays of soapy water…. and wallah!    I.  Killed. Them.  Overnight.

new tomatoes 003

But do not think the method does not work. Look at the bounty now ripening on our kitchen counter!

new tomatoes 008 maters

THEN….we took a drive to mom and dad’s over the weekend.new toma.....mom and dad

Here we found tomato TREES!

new tom puple tom

new tom cucs

Their cucumbers.

new tomatoes 006 cuc

Our cucumber.

new toma dillWhile we are in Mom and Dad’s garden…you may as well see how green their thumbs are!

new tom rasb

new tom  cellar new tom pink flowers new tom lavender new tom dill1

By the way.  We are not giving up.  We are starting over in hopes of a bountiful fall gathering. Prayers are always welcomed. :)

new tomatoes 010

It’s folks  like hubby and I that keep the farmer’s market in business.

Have a great week and be nice to people!


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Drive By Dumpster Diving and Stuff

drive by dumpster diving...sticky note 010


Hubby and I took a little drive after a scrumptious Father’s Day lunch yesterday. I wish someone would pay me to do this full-time. I love the little surprises that present themselves.

dumpster diving garage sofa

Come on in and sit a spell ~

Dumpster diving

Who is she talking to?

I have nothing against dumpster diving. But what caught me off guard was this lady was talking quite expressively to no one. Hence the, “Stop the car” to hubby. Thank goodness for a great zoom.

drive by dumpster diving...2

Oh…of course….the guy inside the dumpster!

What a relief when this man’s head popped up out of the dumpster. I think. I mentioned to hubby that I thought dumpster diving was okay, but that I would never want to be the one inside the dumpster! I should not have asked the next question….. “You haven’t ever gotten inside a dumpster, have you?” Silence. More Silence. Then ~ “Nope. I just lifted the kids over.” One day they may need therapy.

drive by dumpster diving... toilet

Hubby said no. :(

dumpster diving basketball goal

Just ’cause ~

Have a Great Week Friends! Be nice to people. You never know what they may be dealing with today. ♥

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Happy Flag Day!

october sunset flag


July1 fireworks 045

veterans 018

July1 fireworks 054

enid, ribbons, tractors, 034


anniversary weekend 018

an american story

flag mem

Celebrating Flag Day in the United States today.  This flag stands for many things.  Freedom ~ War ~  Celebration ~ Heartache ~ Sacrifice ~ Loss…  We proudly fly Old Glory.  Every Single Day.

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No internet.  No home phone.  No cable. No one cares. No idea how to blog from cell phone.  How’s your day?

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Victim or Warrior?

We are fortunate as we go through life, to be introduced to many people along the way.  A young man who I knew while still in his mama’s womb is now sharing with others what he is learning in life. The words are powerful and  I feel honored to share them.  Thank you, Kannon Manis!  I am proud of you!

Regime Change

One of the most beneficial lessons I have learned in 14 years of martial arts training is the ability to hold myself accountable for my actions.  This was no easy feat.  In fact, it required a complete mindset change for me.  For a long time I wasn’t living up to my potential as a leader and mentor because it was far too easy to blame my failures and mistakes on my circumstances, or worse, on someone else.  If you have the mindset of a victim, then nothing is your fault.  Every bad decision you make is easy to write off with the comfort of “It’s what anyone would have done!” But how far will that perspective get you?  From my own experience I can tell you that you will lose a lot of respect if you go down that road.

There are two ways of thinking when it comes to Responsibility. The first is The Victim.  If you are a victim, your life will revolve around what others can do for you, and when things don’t go as planned, it is never your fault.  No great leader ever settled for this mentality.  Would you ever follow someone who constantly blamed their mistakes on someone else? Or would you begin to lose any respect you had for them? That is the question I asked myself when it came time to change my worldview.

The second mindset is The Warrior. The Warrior acknowledges that every action they make bears consequences, whether good or bad. But more than that they recognize that when it comes time to face those consequences, it is far better to deal with them directly, and own up to their part in it.  The Warrior uses consequences as a time for learning and personal growth.  As soon as I made the change to the Warrior mentality, I realized that I had put aside childish things and started to become a responsible adult.  But I never could have made that switch by myself.  It was a result of the influence of my mentors: my parents, Coach Epps, and Coach Jessie.

The question I pose to parents reading this blog is this: Are you allowing your child to be content with being The Victim, or are you pushing your child to adopt the mindset of The Warrior? Ultimately, the decision is their own. But it is your responsibility to lead them on the right path!  by Kannon Manis  



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