Turnaround Sunday

blue whale and snow barn

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Happy Birthday Daddy!

daddy bray basketball

Happy Birthday to you….

sixty yrs

Happy Birthday to you…

dad air force letter

Happy BIRTHDAY, Dear Daddy…..

kansas christmas family


valentine's cake

Wishing our dad an extra special HAPPY birthday today!  I won’t mention his age….but he and Elvis share the same birth year, cause I wouldn’t wanna get grounded.  :)  From all of your family ….with much love and appreciation!

By the way…..any strawberry cake left?

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From the Tail of a Blue Whale

blue whale and snow entire
After a couple of days of icky weather, today we ventured out for a little drive hoping to capture a snow pic or two. The road led us this way and then that way….but once we crossed the bridge on the famous Route 66, I started thinking tamales from Molly’s. Molly’s is a great little food truck that sets up next to the Blue Whale along that road.  We eventually did get the tamales, (cream cheese and jalapeno!)but not before doing a bit of stomping around in the mushy snow and the Blue Whale.
blue whale inside blue whale and dock blue whale and snow 047
The next time you find yourself on route 66 in Oklahoma….stop by the Blue Whale for a quiet adventure, a bit of nostalgia ….and maybe a fish taco and tamale, as well.

Happy Day. Be nice to people.

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Baby …It’s Cold Outside

snow dogs baby

snow sugar 2015 snow dogs ice

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Buttons of Love


Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you!!! I could not think of a better post for today than “Buttons of Love”. Those of you who have been kind enough to hang around “Stuff” for a while know all too well the story of my friend, Michelle. If you are new??? Then here is a portion of her story. Michelle’s five year old spent an afternoon with me this week….and while we watched “Frozen”, she sat in the floor sorting craft buttons. She also informed me that her mama’s favorite color is green. Smile. So I am thinking of you, Michelle. And so are your babies. ♥♥♥

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This is a love story of sorts. One I’ve been longing to share with you, but hesitating, as it still hurts my heart. I pray it reaches into your souls, as it has ours.

About four months ago, my friend Michelle called my husband at work. He manages a large craft and hobby chain store. Do you have buttons…she asked? What kind of buttons, Michelle? Big bags of buttons. Yes, just come on by and I’ll fix you up.

Later that evening, I received a call from hubby. His voice was not normal…and I could tell he was shaken. Do you know where your antique buttons are, he asked? Ummmm …. I can find them.  How many do you need?  Just a few, he replied. Tell me what’s going on.  Here is a paraphrase of what he shared:

Michelle and her oldest daughter are in my store. She wanted to look at the buttons…

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Twenty Minutes at the Post Office

flag memThe post office had a longer than usual wait time today.  As I became another link in the chain, I couldn’t help but notice a young man with a guitar strapped to his back.  He had apparently stepped out of the boredom line to look through cards that were for sale.  As he returned to his spot, he commented on my Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt and went on to explain to me some of the group’s history.  I introduced myself, as did he, while offering his hand.  Rusty.  He looked like a Rusty. Long wavy hair and a beard to match.  As another man approached the opposite side of the table where we stood, Rusty offered him his ink pen to write out his envelope.  The man ignored him.  Rusty offered again saying he had tried that pen and it did not work well.  The man brushed him off.  No eye contact.  Rusty said he understood….”must be the long hair and all”. Then he asked this rather muscular man, “You gonna go do push-ups when you leave here?” No response.  “Curls?” This time there was a response.  Words escalated quickly as I was standing between the two of them. No one else in the place spoke a word.  Just wide eyes.  As envelope man joined the end of the now even longer line, Rusty turned his phone to some mellow music for all to hear.  I was glad, as it broke the silence. And why is there no music in the post office anyways? 

I  waited just a moment and then asked Rusty about the guitar in the gig bag.  He responded  promptly and proudly, taking it out and playing a bit.  Oh yes.  I could see and feel the eyes of the folks on both of us.  I didn’t care.  As a mom of musicians I know that there is nothing more calming than playing your own song.  It was almost Rusty’s turn in line so he put his guitar away and  told me about some new songs he’d just recorded.  He then handed me his phone so that I could listen while he went on to the clerk.  Clear crisp notes from an acoustic guitar. Bluesy.  Mellow.  His words were of a wandering soul. But now it was my turn, so I returned his phone and thanked him.

I couldn’t help but overhear his conversation at the window next to mine.  Rusty needed two pieces of tape for his packages. She couldn’t oblige unless his paid more and purchased priority  postage.  He told her he was a disabled Veteran and that he’d fought for her freedom.  She said those were the rules.  “Rules that you could bend if you wanted to”, he responded.

My transaction was now completed so I  stopped and turned to Rusty to say goodbye and to wish him well.  He thanked me as he called me by name.

I sat in my car for a few minutes before driving away.  I thought of how lonely one can feel in a room full of people.  Yes, it did seem Rusty might have had a chip on his shoulder, but not one person in that place knew his story. Or mine. Or us theirs, for that matter.  But a kind word can turn the heart.  And this scenario could have been a positive one for all today, if only….   I hope to spend my days turning hearts.

Hang in there Rusty.  And thank you for your service.

Be nice to people. ♥

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Turn around Shots

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.

amish clothes line

I do not give to you as the world gives.

amish clothes line 003Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

amish buggies

John 14:27

Be nice to others. You never know what they might be going through today. ♥

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Delores and Chuck ~ Dill Pickle Beginnings

delores1A few years ago I joined an on-line book trading club.  A book was requested and I popped it in the mail ~ Destination?  Arizona.  Inside I tucked a little note sending greetings to the receiver “from Oklahoma”.  A couple of weeks after that the sweetest note arrived in my mailbox.  It seems my Arizona recipient used to be an Okie as well.  And so began the special friendship of Delores and Paula.  We e-mail often, and on occasion, pop surprises in the mail to each other. Delores has the gift of writing and making people smile.

Last week I received a copy of Power Ranch Living in the mail from Delores.  It featured a beautiful photograph of she and her husband on the cover!  Tucked inside was a fun article on their sixty-four years of marriage.  I asked Delores if I could share this on my blog.  I also talked her into sharing a few words with us about their life together.  You’ll never think of dill pickles the same way again.  ~Smile~

Delores and her husband Chuck celebrated 64 years of marriage last July 15, 2014. They laugh at how they first met each other. Delores was a senior in High School and working part-time at her friend’s donut shop and small café. Chuck was a college student who worked part-time as a delivery person for a large restaurant supply company. One day as he was wheeling a dolly, holding a large container of dill pickles, the wheel went off the ramp and the pickles went rolling all over the floor of the café. Delores was bent over with laughter, and Chuck’s face was red as he left the café. Chuck likes to say, “But I got back at her.  I asked her out for a date about a week later, and we ended up getting married a year and a half after that.”

Chuck served in the U.S. Navy for four years during the Korean War. They have raised two daughters and a son. They have three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Chuck was an Elementary School Principal for many years in California. Delores played the organ for church and at the local Mortuary during those years. They moved to Arizona eleven years ago and are happy that their family followed them there.

They have their own interests and hobbies. Chuck rides his bike all over their community, and enjoys reading and using his computer. Delores does lots of needlework, and enjoys a Creative Writing Class. She belongs to a small group of younger gals and they keep her busy going to lunch and shopping. They watch DVD’s from The Teaching Co. and enjoy learning about other cultures and history. They aren’t saying it’s easy to stay married. There were times they thought of walking away. There are no secrets to a long marriage. You take it day by day, work out your problems, respect each other, try to live by God’s commandments, and show your love in little ways.


Such a handsome couple.  Congrats Delores and Chuck! Thanks for sharing your joy with us! ♥

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Out for Drive

tractor in shed

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Birthday Song Time (please sing along)


♪ ♫ ♪ Happy Birthday to you.  ♪ ♫ ♪ Happy Birthday to YOU. ♪ ♫ ♪ Happy BIRTHday dear Renae……. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! ♪ ♫ ♪

PicMonkey Collage renae

My blog is three years old today…..influenced by my big sister who is ummmm, NOT three years old today! Happy birthday to a kind-hearted, people loving, animal loving, southern talking, bestest friend ever.

Now everybody…..EAT CAKE!

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