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Be Nice to People!

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I’m just glad you are not Thirty!

mad sings

It’s strange when your babies grow up.  When they live away and you can’t spend each special moment with them as you did when they were little ~ and Singing Happy Birthday on the phone and posting well wishes on Facebook has to suffice til you can reach that weekend meeting place.  But I still celebrate in my heart today.  I remember every tender moment of carrying this child in my womb.  Of seeing his face for the very first time.  Of watching his daddy look deep into his eyes when he held him.

Happy Birthday, my Mad.  You. Got. This.  Celebrating you today….and always.


(no pic on this song….but it is one of my favorites….I’ve shared it before, but go ahead…humor me and have another listen! :) )

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Friday Random Shots

hang on jeep
hang on gumhang on clown shoes

Garage sales, brownie treats, flu shots, barber shop, cherry cokes, bbq, lawn mowing….Fun kinda Day with my man!  Happy Weekend!

Be nice to others.  Smile. You just never know what that other person might be going through today.

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Seeing Spots

arkansas fawn arkansas fawn1 arkansas fawn2

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Doing Nothing

arkansas tree road arkansas backporch arkansas cabin arkansas reflections arkansas sunrise fog arkansas sunset

There are vacations that keep you so busy that getting back home is almost a relief….  this wasn’t one of those.  This had to be the most kicked back trip we have ever taken.  I am so grateful for time off with my hubby.  And for mustard and beef bologna and wheat bread and Pringles and onion dip and grape juice. (and candy…lots of candy)  I am happy to have a guy that has no objection to eating unhealthy food for a few days.  And that agrees with me that doing NOTHING for a change….is truly something.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46. 10

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Go Perry Go!

go perry go

Hubby and I have been on the road this week.  Yesterday, I received a head’s up from my forever friend, Julie, telling me about Perry Newburn. He would be attempting to run from New York City to Los Angeles in 46 days, while celebrating his 60th birthday and breaking a record.


Imagine our delight and surprise, while traveling route 60 from Missouri to Oklahoma, in seeing an orange dot moving along the road.  “There he is!” Down went hubby’s window as we yelled, GO PERRY GO!  But that just wasn’t enough.  I had to have pics and meet him.  The next few minutes we visited with Perry and his Missouri running friend, as he shared a bit about his journey.

go perry go 1

We found Perry Newburn to be a true inspiration.  His feet traveled 66 miles on this particular day.  His determination…..amazing.

go perry go 2

We had stopped to cheer him on, but he encouraged us when he spoke of the kindness he’d met along the way.  If you have doubts about humanity, do this.  It will renew your hope. Perry told us this just before parting ways.

go perry go 4

Three miles down the road, we found his dedicated driver and organizer, Ms. Angie and more support friends. (aka…Angie’s mom!)

Wanna follow Perry’s Run?  Maybe even meet him along the way and run a bit?  Follow him at Perry’s Run.  America in 46 Days or Moon Joggers.  (If you happen to be in the Tulsa area on September 26?  He will begin around 4 a.m. He welcomes and appreciates the company)


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What She Left Behind…

My friend Michelle, is celebrating her first birthday in heaven on Monday, and I am filled with mixed emotions. (Buttons of Love) I am saddened that with all of modern medicine, she was still taken so young.  When I hug each of her three precious girls….I am hugging them for her, too.  And when I look at that big old moon, I still half expect to get a text from Michelle asking, “Have you seen the moon tonight?”

But what I see more than anything, is what she has left behind. Like that laughter in her daughters’ eyes, and their quick-witted minds,  her stubbornness & intelligence, a non-stop energy, a deep caring for animals & nature, plus that never give up attitude.  Her husband is the very best daddy three little girls could ever wish for…  She has left us with the spirit of hope, and we are forever grateful.

Happy Birthday, Michelle. We miss you dearly, and we are celebrating you.  Thank you for every little thing that you left here with us.

 Screenshot_ Michelle 3-24 Screenshot_2014 michelle 245

Screenshot_2014-09- michelle 1 Screenshot_michelle moon

Good Night, Moon…

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The Moral to the Story is…

sugar frog edit 1

This toad lives in our bucket.

sugar frog edit bucket

The water and compost from the bucket feed the tomato plants.

sugarfrog edit 2The dogs eat every tomato they can reach while the toad observes the circus and stays in the safety of his ring.

If you are waiting on a profound statement about now….well…I got nothing.  So let’s hear it from you.  Any moral to this story?

Happy Day.  Be Nice to People. ♥

p.s.  These are the maters that we replanted after I killed the first ones. They are big and beautiful and still producing!( How to Kill Tomatoes in Six Weeks)

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On Your Birthday, My Son

There were things I didn’t tell you

While you were still beneath my wing….

Some because you would not listen and some,

because I did not yet know…..

coffeeville kansa 013

Birthday Blessings, my son. ♥

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Positive Changes

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.  ~Author Unknown

zoo sept 1 016 butterfly with orangeWhat the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.  ~Richard Bach

zoo sept 1 015 butterflyJust living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.  ~Hans Christian Andersen

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