Along the Way ~ Descriptions

chouteau and birds 006cows

Years ago I worked at a Savings and Loan. That’s like a bank, for you young-ens. We talked often about being prepared in the event of a robbery, practicing descriptions ~ height/weight, scars, tattoos, etc. Just in case.

Now let’s fast forward about 26 years. Hubby and I were driving the two hours home from seeing our Grands a few weeks ago, when my husband told me to get my camera ready. What he thought was a deer running along the busy four lane highway, turned out to be a calf. Forgetting the camera, we became concerned about the safety of the other automobiles AND the calf. We turned off the highway to a country road as I called the highway patrol and my husband kept an eye on the calf. Highway Patrol ~ What’s your emergency? Me ~ I’m at Highway 412 and the Golf Club road East of town. There’s a calf running along the highway and we don’t want it hit or anyone hurt. Them ~ Let me transfer you… Next person… What’s your emergency? Me ~ repeating the location and scenario. Them ~ Can you give me a description? Me ~A description?  Of the cow? Them ~ YES. Me, turning to my hubby, How do I describe this cow? Ummm. Brown. A calf, but a big calf. 200-300 pounds? Them ~ any special markings? At this point  I would have really laughed had it not been for the seriousness of the matter. Hubby told me to tell them it had white markings….AND IT WAS THE ONLY COW OUTSIDE THE FENCE running along the highway! They took my name and phone number and that was it. We watched and waited for a while.  The calf had quit running and was staying close to the fence, so we headed on toward our town, hoping and praying for the best.

We may be going to see the kids again this weekend.  And I may throw a rope in the back of the truck.  Just in case.

Be nice to people.  You never know what they may be dealing with today. ♥ 

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Grands Meet Greats!

girls and bows cry girls with greats!

Our grands, Selah and Chloe, are now 8 weeks old. Just a day shy of two months. Over the weekend they got to meet GREATS! Great Nana and Papa and Aunts and Uncles and cousins, and, and, and. I think they were pretty good sports, all things considered. And they do not like giant pink bows.  Smile.

So this is what I’ve been doing. What have you been up to?!?

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Memorial Day ~ An Observation


Saying thank you is never enough….a day of reflection and gratitude for those who have given their all. ♥

Originally posted on stuff i tell my sister:

I recall when I was growing up that there was something extra special about Memorial Day.  While I wasn’t exactly certain why it was special, I would observe my dad, a United States Air Force Veteran, placing his American Flag outside our home at the start of this weekend.  I knew from simply observing, it was a day to be revered.  I grew up listening to his stories. I never tired hearing about the country”boy” that joined the armed forces at age seventeen. He did indeed see the world.  New York, France, Germany. He returned home a responsible, determined, and respectful young man.

Fast forward many years.  I married the love of my life.  I also married a man whose father was retired military, and whose big brother was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force.  The respect and the patriotism I’d grown up with, lived in this household…

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Will You Help Me Find the Sister I’ve Never Had?

fall bridge kim

Last night I received a message from my Mississippi sister.  She asked that I consider sharing the following video/story to hopefully assist in her friend  finding her own sister.  I am sharing this post today for MY sister, and her friend, Kim, AND for Kim’s sister.  Any reposting would be greatly appreciated. ♥

Kim’s Story

Kim’s Sister Search (Click this link to view Kim’s video story, below is the transcript of their emotional journey)

My name is Kim and I’d like to share my story with you.

I spent a majority of my life wishing I had a sibling…A sister to call a best friend or a brother to annoy.  Then, when I was eleven years old, my mom and her boyfriend got pregnant!  I couldn’t stop counting down the days until I was to meet my baby brother or sister.  My wish and my hope were crushed when my mom told everyone she lost the baby at birth due to a hole in the heart. Years passed…my heart mourned and eventually my heart slowly healed, though it’s never healed 100 per cent.  Then one night during casual conversation, my mom accidentally mentioned my sister in the present tense?!?!?

I began hounding her with questions.  After hours of yelling, crying …of anger and confusion…The truth finally came out.  She had lied…my sister was born alive and well on October 8, 1998.

Geri Lynn was born at 11:09 at the MED in Memphis, Tenn.  She weighed 5 lb 5 oz and was 19 inches long.  She had black hair and blue eyes at birth. My mom also told me that Geri Lynn was given up without an agency. Her new parents, Rhonda and Glenn, traveled from Long Island, New York for her.

The parents who adopted her had placed an ad in the commercial appeal.  After my mom contacted them, a Memphis lawyer was used.  Our moms’ name is Cheryl Lynn Hopper (Vasser)  The father’s name was Jerry Glenn Vasser.

I was also able to get two very important pieces of info from mom…A single baby pic and her original SSN.  (PIC ON VIDEO)

For years I’ve been too scared to start my search, but now is the time.  I’m turning to social media for help.

Will you help me find the sister I’ve never had?  Will you help me find that indescribable bond that my heart continues to yearn for?

Thank you!

Follow Kim’s search or contact her with helpful info and encouragement at,  Email is

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signs no uturn

No choice but to turn around!!! Ha!

signs dad's flags

My Dad’s flags flying over Moore, Oklahoma

signs chang

A good word or two in my fortune!

signs mother's day card

Last, but certainly not least. One of my cards from Mother’s Day….it plays Born to be Wild, when opened. My boys always know how to make me laugh! ♥

The weather has calmed and the sunshine is out today….here’s to an awesome week! Be nice to people…even when you don’t really feel like it. #causethosedayshappen

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Canola Fields and Enid, Oklahoma

enid conola enid etc canola 3

Where does Canola Oil Come From? Click Here

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And We Will Never Forget . . .

April 19, 1995. The day that forever changed Oklahoma. We became a ball of fear, caution and grief. But at the same time we turned to each other for comfort. We leaned more on our faith. Hugged our children tighter. Loved our neighbors more. Oklahoma was on display for the world. That same world embraced us and became a smaller place.  We became stronger.





memorial18 memorial15The Survivor Tree~ a 90-year-old American Elm that was witness to the violence of April 19. “The spirit of this city and this nation will not be defeated; our deeply rooted faith sustains us.”

May we never forget

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Double Blessings!

selah and chloe
Our lives have been blessed beyond measure this week. These sweet little girls are just under five pounds each.  They are healthy and already at home! Their mommy is doing amazingly well, as is their daddy. As for the grandparents and great-grandparents, aunts and uncles? Still grinning from ear to ear!

Thank you, Lord, for these precious gifts.

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Free Prayer and No Agenda…..ramblings


Prayer has been on my mind this week.  The First Friday of each month, my son and his wife (along with a couple of friends) go to a corner in their downtown area. (Go ahead and follow their fb page!) They give out free popcorn to those passing by and then ask if they’d like for them to pray for them. FREE PRAYER!  You think they have any takers?  People line up.  For healing.  For marriages.  For finances.  For encouragement.  No agenda.  We are here for you.

I believe in prayer.  I was raised thanking the Lord for each meal.  Asking Him for forgiveness.  Thanking Him for one more day of life.

I pray when I’m driving, mowing the lawn, shopping at the grocery store….I believe in prayer.  No fancy words for me, I just talk as I would to a friend.  There is comfort in prayer.

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes my prayers have been selfish or out of fear. Oh Lord, if you’ll just let me marry him, I’ll be forever grateful.  God ~ please let this plane land safely and I promise to never fly again.  Oh please let me win that million dollars…

Well it’s a good thing God didn’t answers every prayer the way I wanted.  I’d probably be married to David Cassidy, traveling everywhere by bus and playing my alto saxophone in pubs….but hey, I’d be rich, right?

While I believe our prayers are heard, I know for a fact that we don’t always know what is best for each situation.  I have found myself praying for healing for someone I love and then in another breath, asking God to spare their pain and just take them while they sleep.

There are many questions about prayer I don’t have answers to, but this I know.  Prayer changes things.  Prayer changes my heart towards people.  Prayer is free therapy with the King of therapists.

When I am asked to pray for someone, it is an honor and a responsibility I take to heart.  And to those who have ever prayed for me and for my loved ones, I thank you. Let me know if you are ever in need of prayer.  I’ll sure pray for you. ♥

Be nice to people.  You never know what they might be dealing with today.

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A Mama’s Hope

cross by malachi

Good Friday.  I never really understood why it was called good.  I’ve read the account repeatedly.  I could understand Easter being called “Good Sunday”.  But Friday was a horrific day for Jesus.  For those that loved Him.  For His mama.

When I ponder on the heartache I have held for my own children, I cannot begin to  imagine Mary’s.  Illness.  Struggles. Disappointment.  Mistakes.  A mama wants to fix these things for her children, no matter their age.  The hardest place is when you come to the realization that you have no power to change a circumstance.  Were the many prayers sent up for this child all in vain?

And then I reflect upon Mary.  She had no power.  No prayer left.  Her heart exposed.  I cannot help but wonder, when her eyes met His eyes that day ~did she know?  Did she know through the tears, the blood, and His broken body, that He was to save the world?  Did that tiny speck of hope still lie somewhere deep within her aching soul?

She was a mama.  Mama’s always have hope for their babies.   And somehow, I think she knew….

Sunday was on its way.

(In reflecting on Good Friday, I was taken back to this post of a couple of years ago. When I relate my feelings for my own children to even a smidge of what Mary might have gone through… brings it home….it makes it real.  I needed to make it real.  ♥)

John 3:16 For God So Loved the World ~ Found in the Moore tornado debris.

John 3:16 For God So Loved the World ~
Found in the Moore tornado debris.

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