Sometimes~ A Person Needs Help

Never be afraid to ask for help….

stuff i tell my sister

Sometimes, a person needs help.  Your car won’t start and needs a jump; you need a ride somewhere; you are sick and you need a few things from the store or maybe you simply need to bounce an idea or a heartache off of someone.  There are people who don’t mind asking for help from a friend or a complete stranger.  And then there are folks who will never ask for anything, even when they really need it.

On this particular day, she was walking down a main street in our town, and he was following behind her aggressively, yet with a little distance.  Anyone paying attention could see he was up to no good.  She was walking fast with her arms wrapped tightly around her waist. He was yelling and slapping his coke bottle against his fist.  I turned the car around to follow and they had already crossed the busy street.  When I was…

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A Rerun of Love ~ 52 Reasons

Happy Day to all! Project “Grateful”… nice to others~

stuff i tell my sister

valentin 002

I have shared this post before…..and here goes again.  A gift from the heart that is a meaningful and fun project.  By the way….it does not need to be just for Valentine’s Day.  Have a great day and Be nice to people! ♥

valentin 006A while back I stumbled across a cute idea on and made a mental note, “I am going to do this for my hubby.” I bought a deck of cards and jumped on my computer to make my list of “52 Random Reminders of Why I Love You”. (Am I the only one who thinks this resembles a ransom note?) When I  started, I was a little slow, honestly. But after about  number ten, I became lost in my list and was having to do trade-outs to keep the number at 52! I still keep thinking of things I missed at the time and know I could easily…

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Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them. ~ Henry David Thoreau

I’m digging this book out again! Happy Tuesday and be kind to yourself and to others♡

stuff i tell my sister

The Art of Non-Conformity, Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life you Want and Change the World, by Christ Guillebeau

So my sister, Renae, told me about this book MONTHS ago.  The author states, “If you’re feeling stuck in something and have always believed THERE MUST BE MORE TO LIFE, this book is for you.”  I had never given much thought to the folks we deal with daily.  How many of them prevent us from succeeding more than helping us.  Through this book, if you are willing, the author will help you set goals, break through fear barriers and begin your new legacy.  I know it must sound a bit corny to read this, but if you study this book with an open mind, it can get you started in a good direction.  On the flip side, if you cannot read it open-mindedly, save your $.

Here’s a little idea of…

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Happy Birthday Sister!

Someone very special is turning fifty-something today! Happy Birthday, Renae! I know you didn’t have a choice, but I’m glad you are my sister, and even happier you are my friend!





Everybody Eat Cake! In honor of big sister’s birthday and the blog’s birthday! CHEERS! 

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Bless the Child

candy cane panera

Christmas Eve Eve.  So many directions I needed to run today, but I found myself doing a work errand with my husband.  That was two hours of quality time that we would not have had otherwise.  As we said our goodbyes and I dropped him back at his store, my head trying to manage my time and list…  I decided, since I would be out of pocket for my friend, “Bernice” at the nursing center, for a couple of days, I would run by Panera Bread and surprise her with her favorite soup and bread.  But not before running into the grocery store next door and buying a cupcake for Lenora, who reminded me last week that today was her birthday.  And that she loved chocolate.  Smile.  As I stood in the back of the line at Panera, glancing at the clock and scrolling through my phone, I heard a little voice, “Ma’am. Ma’am.”  I continued to scroll and then the little voice became a bit louder.  “MA’AM!”  I turned around to see a little blond headed girl, maybe three or four years old, leaning over the booth with her hand extended towards me.  “This is for you!  Merry Christmas!”  I glanced at her parents on either side, then I reached out to the little hand, still reaching towards mine, and took the tiny little candy cane in my hand.  I thanked her and wished her a Merry Christmas.

As my day continued, I didn’t get half of my to do’s done.  There will be no cowboy cookies traveling in our car tomorrow.  No strawberry cake.  The “wrapped” with care gifts are mostly stuffed bags.  But that’s okay.  The little one with the beautiful smile reminded me  what it’s really all about.  It’s not the wrapping or the gift.  It’s the joy from the heart that makes the difference.

Bless the child.  Bless her parents.  Merry Christmas!








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Our First Christmas Together ~ 1982

I am re-sharing a post that holds special memories for me…. I hope this brings to mind some fun and special memories for you as well. Merry Christmas !

stuff i tell my sister

xmas 006

Our first Christmas Stockings Our first Christmas Stockings

Our baby son and his bride spent this past weekend at our house. Before they left, I found myself plundering through some old Christmas items, in search of something to attach to my son’s “ugly Christmas sweater” for work. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the red furry stockings with mine and hubby’s names written in sparkly glitter. I looked at them and smiled. We were on a very tight budget that first Christmas, but we had these made at the mall, along with one for our adopted pup, Heidi. (We had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that year and I loved it!) We walked through the mall, holding hands and window shopping, and not caring that we couldn’t buy much more than a stocking and a cookie. We had each other.

xmas 008

Our first Christmas ornament ~ Our first Christmas ornament ~

The Christmas ornament we simply could not afford…

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Hold My Hand

jane's hand 2015A few months ago I shared about my friend, Bernice, that  lives in a nursing center.  She has had some health issues lately and has needed extra daily love and care.

A conversation with hubby today…. “I really don’t feel like going today, I mean, I really wouldn’t mind a day to stay home and curl up on the sofa.”  But she counts on you….  “I know.  And I have her blanket I washed.  She needs that.”

A conversation with Bernice at the nursing center a little later…. “Hi Bernice, how are we today?”  Oh honey, I just knew you would come.  If it weren’t for you I don’t know how I would make it.  I know you must be getting tired of coming, but I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.  I love you so much. “You mean a lot to me, Bernice, and you are a strong woman.” I don’t feel very strong.  If I rest a while, will you be here when I wake up?  “Of course I will.”  Then here,  hold my hand…

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I’m not even sure why this topic came up, as hubby and I splurged on soup and salad at Panera Bread last night….. but he told me about a guy that used to work for him when we lived in another state, and he said that at least once a week, this employee would thank him for his job. This man also shared that in his opinion, the greatest sin in this world was ungratefulness.  While I understand that we are not supposed to rank sins, the more we processed this opinion, the more sense it made.

Doing unexpected things for others is something I enjoy. From letting someone go in front of you in line at the store to surprising a friend with a mid-afternoon iced tea at work, that single moment of  “you did this for me?” is a little high.  Perhaps I am shining the light on the fact that I am a selfish giver?  That is not my intention.  My purpose is for that person to be reminded that they matter.

But is it harder to give when it is expected? Is it even a gift when it’s not from your heart?  As we come into this season of Thanksgiving, are we pausing to be thankful?   Are we making our list and checking it twice out of obligation and tradition?

I want to strive to be more grateful for the little things and the big things.  I am going to give from my heart and hope it is understood.  I am going to attempt to smile when I’m on the phone so that it will be “heard” on the other end of the line. (possible exception would be the insurance adjuster from my summer car accident! ha!)  I am going to put my smart phone aside when I am with others and be in the moment.  How can future generations teach kindness and gratefulness and attentiveness, if they do not know it?

May we all be grateful.  Not just in November, but every day.  May we recognize reminders of our blessings.  The sun in the winter, the diamonds in the snow, the giggle of a baby, the warm soup on the stove, an old photograph.  You will know.  And you will smile.

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Happy Fall Ya’ll!

pumpkin girls 2015 pumpkin patch 2015

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From Mom and Dad’s Garden

The butterfly counts not months, but moments, and has time enough~   

R. Tagoremonarch2monarch monarch1 monarch yellow

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