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Lime Ice Cubes and Chicken & Wild Rice Soup (but not together!)

Here’s a little secret I learned from a Facebook feed that I think is worth sharing! I drink warm water or green tea with lemon/lime juice most mornings. I now take a few minutes every so often and prepare the juice ahead … Continue reading

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Prep or Panic?

While it was still a t-shirt and flip-flops kinda day….the weather warning was one of bitter cold, snow and ice headed our way. So here are a few shots I took along the way…. I returned to the store yesterday, … Continue reading

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AT&T and Pumpkin Bread

We’ve been unplugged for a couple of days.  A lightning strike next door sent rumbles through the lines of the neighborhood it seems.  Our little cul-de-sac was filled with repair people all day yesterday.  Ours was here for around four hours.  I … Continue reading

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Just Stuff

It is Friday and I am still not finished with my “list” for the week.  Still, I thought I would pause for a moment and share a few pics with you from last week. ….They reflect a part our life in Oklahoma.  😉 … Continue reading

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What I Order On-Line and an Onion Story

My new supply of vitamins came in the mail yesterday for hubby and I.  And for our dogs.   I wanted to take a minute to  share these companies with you. wow~ they should totally pay me!  First ~  Entirely Pets: For … Continue reading

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Elephant Stew Recipe

Today was the annual Christmas Bazaar at St. Henry’s Catholic Church.  My purchases were simple.  Chocolate cupcakes for Jermel, an employee of my hubby’s, and a cookbook for my Aunt Betty.  Betty~ if you read this, be surprised!  The book … Continue reading

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Chili! A Reblog ~

A different take on CHILI! We have a cold spell today, so this is sounding mighty good! Plus….you get a bit of exercise running down the bean aisle at the store! 🙂 Happy Saturday! 🙂

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