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It is Friday and I am still not finished with my “list” for the week.  Still, I thought I would pause for a moment and share a few pics with you from last week. ….They reflect a part our life in Oklahoma.  😉

We decided to get out of the house and do a short road trip to our favorite greasy spoon about an hour away.  We got sidetracked a bit.  Do you ever do repeats of things knowing that it will be a waste of time but still hoping it might just be better the next time around?  Yep…that’s what we did.  I saw that the flags were up at the little country station on Route 66.  Every so often they have an outdoor flea market.  We have never found a thing there.  Plus it was cold this particular day AND it had been raining.  But still, we stopped.  And we left, laughing….asking ourselves again why we’d stopped?!

The Flea Market

The Flea Market

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Wanna know the rest of the story???? By the time we got to our restaurant, Dennis, the owner, was pulling out. They were closed. We missed it. Happy Birthday to me? But not to worry. We drove back home…..and ended up have a delightful evening with wonderful servers, Janessa and Ashley. A great day all the way around!  Happy b-day, indeed.



Stay tuned for more fun adventures! I’m sure you can hardly wait! 😉 Happy Weekend, friends ♥

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28 Responses to Just Stuff

  1. I love the swimming hole!

  2. I love how you and Hubs do stuff together! Glad you’re still enjoying your birthday! 😉

  3. amb says:

    So glad the birthday-palooza is continuing!

  4. Dawn says:

    Love your posts and pictures. 🙂 I think those buffalo statues would look great in your living room..lol!

  5. Happy weekend, and happy birthday! Sometimes we’ve done the very same thing…gone out of our way only to find that we should have just stayed closer to home! 🙂

  6. Girl, that is a redneck trip if I ever saw one. You’d fit right in around my parts. The no swimming would be considered a dare, too. Your treat looks relish! Great road trip, but I call shotgun next time.

  7. Happy Birthday, Paula. It looks like you’re having a lot of fun!

  8. ly says:

    Hard to believe that you didn’t bring one of those tire planters home for you garden!! Love being a part of your trips.

  9. LOL — like ducks can read and won’t swim in that? 🙂

    Love how happy and open to exploration you are. happy weekend.

  10. viveka says:

    Happy weekend to you too … haven’t been to a flea market since I left UK. Great fun .. and I love that photo with the swimming sign, great catch. Great gallery.

  11. I love your blog… you give folks a true taste of Oklahoma and help to dispel some of the silly misconceptions that people have about the state…

    BTW, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    Just something to consider the next time you feel the urge to go back there 😛

  12. daniellajoe says:

    No swimming allowed?? Lol

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