Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?

Part of our fun last week included an evening of music.  Hubby surprised me with tickets to see Little Big Town.  It was a sold out show, our seats rocked, and they did not disappoint!  The most moving moment of the concert for me was when the lights dropped, and with a cappella voices, the group began to sing “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”. The crowd was reverently quiet at first, then we all joined in singing this tribute to George Jones.    Who is gonna fill his shoes?

Little Big Town

Little Big Town

We left the concert and stopped in at Toby Keith’s for a bit of nourishment. There was a young man singing on their small stage and we had the opportunity to visit with him between sets. Jason Young was from my hubby’s home town and had personality deluxe. His music was spirited with a strong message and super voice. Who’s gonna fill their shoes?

Jason Young

Jason Young

On our way out of the building, we were pleased to see that our local lineman, Thomas Martinez, drew a large crowd as he performed on high stage.  Who’s gonna fill their shoes?

On our drive home, we reflected on our music filled evening.  And as the song continued to play in my mind, I came to the conclusion that shoes may not be meant to be filled by another.   But rather to just walk closely next to….while remembering~

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.  Be good to each other ♥


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30 Responses to Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?

  1. Penny L Howe says:

    Thank you great thoughts to ponder on. Great music also!

  2. Great pictures, I’m so glad you had a great time. Love LBT.

  3. Bonnie says:

    PSB….beautiful sentiment. It’s perfect really..and of course, how can anyone fill anyone else’s spot here on earth. Brilliant my friend. xoxo

  4. Ok so here is the really freaky part (for me) I’ve been in that Toby Keith’s and…. I’ve met Jason Young! Talk about 6 degrees of separation… Hey is the Biting Sow still there??

  5. viveka says:

    Seems like you had a great time … with great music.A weekend with good music and great company is always right.

  6. russtowne says:

    Thank you for the beautiful stroll down Memory Lane.

  7. Great way to spend an evening. And I like your conclusion that “shoes may not be meant to be filled by another… But rather to just walk closely next to”.
    That is quite profound and true

  8. There are going to be a lot of empty shoes around!

  9. What a brush-with-stardom night. Sounds like fun!

  10. Wow, that was a fun night… and insightful too… I love nights like those 🙂

  11. Terrific words and music to provide lots of thoughts.

  12. I like your comment that shoes are not meant to be filled — for no one can fill another’s shoes–but you can walk along side or follow

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