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The Farmer’s Market

A Saturday trip to Oklahoma City? A stop by the OSU Farmer’s Market should top that list. It is so much more that fruits and veggies… Support your local farmers! And be nice to people. You never know what they … Continue reading

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While You Were Out

  A note left for my son at work…..too great not to share!  🙂 Be Nice to People!

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How to KILL Tomatoes in Six Weeks

A few weeks ago, I posted Growing Maters, to show you a different method for planting tomatoes that would require less work/watering.  After hubby planted our eight plants, we took a little trip to mom and dad’s and he did the … Continue reading

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Drive By Dumpster Diving and Stuff

Hubby and I took a little drive after a scrumptious Father’s Day lunch yesterday. I wish someone would pay me to do this full-time. I love the little surprises that present themselves. I have nothing against dumpster diving. But what … Continue reading

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Happy Flag Day!

Celebrating Flag Day in the United States today.  This flag stands for many things.  Freedom ~ War ~  Celebration ~ Heartache ~ Sacrifice ~ Loss…  We proudly fly Old Glory.  Every Single Day.

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No internet.  No home phone.  No cable. No one cares. No idea how to blog from cell phone.  How’s your day?

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Victim or Warrior?

We are fortunate as we go through life, to be introduced to many people along the way.  A young man who I knew while still in his mama’s womb is now sharing with others what he is learning in life. The … Continue reading

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