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Bless the Child

Christmas Eve Eve.  So many directions I needed to run today, but I found myself doing a work errand with my husband.  That was two hours of quality time that we would not have had otherwise.  As we said our goodbyes … Continue reading

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Hang In There!

This is a surprising to those driving by and fun way to decorate for Christmas!  Yes, our local police department has reported receiving a few calls of concern. 🙂 Hope your Thanksgiving was truly one of thanks and blessings.  And may … Continue reading

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Look Who Got a Fraidy Hole!!!

We FINALLY caught a somewhat normal weekend with no arctic fronts or snowstorms….which meant we were able to drive to my parents’ house for our Christmas celebration! What a relief to see the new addition in their backyard! Yep, a … Continue reading

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A Quiet Place

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Believing ~ For a Little While Longer

This week I have been thinking of our Christmas season and how glorious it would be to be able to view it once again through the eyes of a child. A child that still believes that a kiss will make a … Continue reading

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What Do You Want for Christmas?

Since I posted yesterday….and didn’t even KNOW it….I thought today I would do so willingly. 🙂  One set of kids came through in route home yesterday.  As we were driving to see hubby at his store…who….by the way….worked 18 hours … Continue reading

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Christmas Puppy Request ~ (Julie!)

If you saw yesterday’s post, Reindeer Stuffing, you may have read a request from my friend, Julie B. She wanted to see her favorite pic of “the girls”. First let me explain. Our kids originally adopted Sugar and Baby from … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas ~

We grew up going to a tiny little church where me, my sisters, and a handful of others kids had no choice but to “be” the Christmas program. I didn’t like being in that spotlight. It made me extremely nervous and I … Continue reading

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Santa Baby

When my sis and I were little I recall my mom getting us all dolled up at Christmas time.  She would then drive us to the bank for our pictures with Santa. My dad worked at the bank for many of … Continue reading

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Our First Christmas Together ~ 1982

Our baby son and his bride spent this past weekend at our house. Before they left, I found myself plundering through some old Christmas items, in search of something to attach to my son’s “ugly Christmas sweater” for work. I … Continue reading

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