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Greetings from my empty nest!

Originally posted on Musings from an Empty Nest:
Our children take flying from the nest seriously.  As you can see from the theme picture our offspring live in various cities of the U.S.  Each magnet on the map represents one…

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Through the Windshield

It’s been a while since I took you on a Sunday drive with us. Our past month has been an interesting one ~ full of joys, and some scares. This drive seemed to take us away for a little bit….and remind us of how … Continue reading

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False Accusations

I wandered around a garage sale that held treasures from the life of someone else.  There were many vintage items and I adore vintage.  But we were on the road with limited room in the vehicle, so I settled on one item that I … Continue reading

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Spiders and Ramblings

Ya gotta start pretty early in the morning if you want to work in the yard right now. Or really late. Even then it is still hot.  Heat and humidity and high pressure systems. The weather guys may as well … Continue reading

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My Mop, My Friend

This is a ridiculous scenario.  And I am venting more that anything.  You’ve been warned. So let me tell you a little story about a mop.  I like a clean house, especially my floors. Being the vacuum cleaner “queen” is … Continue reading

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At my age you would think a person would know what they wanna be when they grow up.  Nope.  There are a few ideas in my head, but no certainties.  When my boys were growing up we were always reading … Continue reading

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