Spiders and Ramblings

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Ya gotta start pretty early in the morning if you want to work in the yard right now. Or really late. Even then it is still hot.  Heat and humidity and high pressure systems. The weather guys may as well go on vacation this time of year as the story repeats itself each day.

NOT what I wanted to ramble about though…. The early sunlight cast a glow on this spider web this morning. While I made a mental note to be careful not to stick any body parts underneath this tree….I also had to grab my cell phone to capture a couple of photos. I thought of the children’s story, Charlotte’s Web. except our farm animals are two inside dogs, several toads and a rabbit    I thought about the masterpiece that this little creature had designed.  Amazing.

Next thing I knew, I was thinking of my Aunt Jean, my mom’s sister.  This lady can make anything.  Quilting, crocheting, blankets, tablecloths…..I can hear her saying, “Oh, I just do it when I have nothing to do.”    Aunt Jean has never not had something to do.  Pretty incredible.

Then I wondered why my several attempts at crocheting were such massive fails?  How can Jean, and my daughter-in-love, and so many people make it appear so simple while I can barely do a single chain? Should I try again?  And why can’t I tap dance? 🙂

Yep, a person’s gotta get up pretty early to come up with these thoughts…..thanks Ms. Spider.

Be nice to people.  You just never know what people might be going through….

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10 Responses to Spiders and Ramblings

  1. Rhonda says:

    great photo…and love the ramble. stay cool girlfriend, I know it’s ucky right now.

  2. A lot of work to make that web.

  3. What a beautiful photo — and your Aunt sounds amazing!

    My attempts at crochet have never worked out either. 🙂 But that’s okay, there are other things I do really well!

    Love the ramble. Such fun early in the morning.

  4. I think there’s a lot of us that never caught on to the crochet thing. I simply don’t have it and refuse to frustrate myself with trying any longer. I do however love to garden and I so agree with you about the heat. I didn’t go out at all today. I’ve developed more gardens than I can properly tend on my own but refuse to get down over such a simple thing. The roses bloom in spite of it all, the wildflowers twirl in the breeze and the birds splash in their bath outside my office window.

  5. AND are the wasps buzzing?!?! haha They are here. I continue to water the flowers and the few herbs/veggies, though some days I question why!? Take care, friend ♥

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