My Mop, My Friend

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This is a ridiculous scenario.  And I am venting more that anything.  You’ve been warned.

So let me tell you a little story about a mop.  I like a clean house, especially my floors. Being the vacuum cleaner “queen” is a title I hold with honor.  But I may have just earned a new title.  Lady Mop.

When we ripped out our carpet a couple of years ago, we had it replaced with Shaw laminate flooring.  The floors looked so much better than the old builder’s carpet and they would be easier to keep clean!  I recall asking the guy that sold us the flooring how I should take care of them. He told us Bona or anything similar and a microfiber mop.  I bought two mops.  Plus I had my Swiffer and my dust mop.  It took a while to get rid of all the sawdust residue from the installation.  MUCHO VACUUMING!  But we finally did.  Then I mopped with the new microfiber O’Cedar mop.  Smears and streaks.  A cleaning person told me I should mix plain water with a touch of Dawn soap.  Worse.  So I headed to Home Depot and bought every cleaner that said it was for this kind of flooring.  I lined up five cleaners and did three foot “cleanings”.  Bona did the best, but still left some smudges.  I was SOOO discouraged.  We had spent our vacation money for the next three years on these new floors and we were ready to carpet over them.  The Shaw “boss” came to our house.  He said the floors had buildup and that we needed to start over.  He told me to purchase denatured alcohol, gloves, mask, and white cleaning cloths.  I sat on my bumpas and cleaned every square inch of the floors.  He gave us a bottle of their Shaw floor cleaner to start fresh.  It left smudges and smears.

For the next year and a half I just dealt with it.  I learned to keep the shades closed and the lights low and I couldn’t see it so much!  Winter was the best season for not seeing the ickyness.

A few weeks ago I once again decided that this was ridiculous and it shouldn’t be this way.  I started doing more research.  I called Bona(since Shaw had been no help) and explained my dilemma.  She said….you have to stop half way through mopping, clean the mop head, wring it out so that no water can get in the crevices, and then it shouldn’t leave streaks.  That’s also when the bell went off in my head…DING DING DING!  Your O’Cedar mop stinks. Your Swiffer stinks. Get a new mop.  So the research began for a GOOD stinking mop.

And I found a winner at Lowe’s.  Rubbermaid’s “Reveal” microfiber Spray Mop! This mop with the Bona Cleaner (NOT the wax) cleans my floors with no streaks or residue and I am finally enjoying our vacation floors!  Okay…..maybe I went a little off the deep end with this search….but….anyone who really knows me KNOWS this is a big deal to me.  And my big sister said that I should tell you.  Cause she doesn’t wanna hear about it anymore!  So now I have.  🙂  And if anyone actually made it this far into this text.  I thank you.

Now can someone solve my next problem, please?  How do I keep our dog’s paw prints off of the floors when it rains?  What do you use to wipe paws that absorbs all wetness? Okay.  I guess we will tackle this one another day.

Be nice to people. You never know what they may be dealing with today.  Even the guy at the car rental place who put you in the wrong rental car twice in one day.  Who knows what I’ll be driving tomorrow? 

p.s.  No, I did not receive any compensation or product from Rubbermaid or Bona for this review.  However…..I will gladly send them my address if they want to pay me!!! Also, The Rubbermaid Reveal was around $25 at Lowe’s and the extra replacement pad (for rotation) was about $6.  Last week I found them at Sam’s Club for $20 including the extra pad.  Curses.  But at least now YOU know!

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14 Responses to My Mop, My Friend

  1. Rhonda says:

    Hooray for sticking with it! And listen sister…take that receipt back to lowes…have them price match that mop and replacement that you found cheaper and get the difference plus 10%, ya hear?

  2. jmgoyder says:

    What a frustrating experience! Glad you finally found the right mop!

  3. You know, I often consider replacing our carpets with laminate flooring, but your story reflects my main concern. Everyone always says that it’s so much easier to care for than carpet, but I just don’t believe them. Vacuuming is easy! I, too, would have been unhappy with the streaky floors and would have done the same research. I’m glad you found a solution :).

  4. I love your passion for getting it right! And I know what you mean about paw prints! Our new puppy does not like stopping at the door to have his paws dried — if only I could actually dry them! 🙂

    Enjoy your vacatiaflooring!

  5. This a really frustrating experience, indeed! I hope that everything is good now! We have recently inserted hardwood floor and I’m not really sure what is the best product for cleaning it and which mop will be the best to wipe it with! Before I read your post I thought that there is not much difference and I should go and buy a random cleaner and mop but now I feel glad that I read it and I know that the cleaning mop and product are of big importance! Thank you for sharing! Greets!

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