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On Your Birthday, My Son

There were things I didn’t tell you While you were still beneath my wing…. Some because you would not listen and some, because I did not yet know….. Birthday Blessings, my son. ♥

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I Have Looked into Your Eyes …

I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart ~ Pope John XXIII

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At The Cross

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Do Not Stand Still….

Well it seems I’m a little late coming to the party this year!  Regardless, I wish each of you a better year than the last. I hope that if you are trying to find that certain someone or something in … Continue reading

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About Being Thankful

Thanksgiving Eve.  I have typed and deleted my words about five times now.  My heart is thankful, but there are many things that need to change.  Things that I cannot control. So I will dwell on the good.  Blessings beyond … Continue reading

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Building Them Back Up

This week has been an interesting one.  My friend’s eleven year old daughter was assaulted on the school bus going home Wednesday evening.  Some high school boys proposed a dare to each other. Then one hit the little girl in the head and then in … Continue reading

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Our Tree

We moved into our present house in July, five years ago. There was a slight drought going on at the time and the tree in our front yard was dead. The builders agreed they would replace the tree. And they … Continue reading

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Old Pickup Trucks

Proof that putting it off does not fix the problem.  Nor does it disappear.  It simply allows the problem to grow. Happy Friday! Be kind, one to another! ♥

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You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

I enjoy shopping at second-hand stores and antique shops.  The carrot I dangled to entice hubby to go with me this week was the Bass Pro Shop.  🙂 At our first stop I looked through the awesome book section.  I wandered on, and did a double when … Continue reading

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Sunday Reflections

HE is where you are…. Happy Sunday ♥

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