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Soups to Share

It is 20 degrees (F) currently in our little town.  The arctic front continues to dip in a little lower for a hello. I would prefer a kinder visit….but hey….we deal with what we get, right? Last week when we visited my … Continue reading

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Lime Ice Cubes and Chicken & Wild Rice Soup (but not together!)

Here’s a little secret I learned from a Facebook feed that I think is worth sharing! I drink warm water or green tea with lemon/lime juice most mornings. I now take a few minutes every so often and prepare the juice ahead … Continue reading

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AT&T and Pumpkin Bread

We’ve been unplugged for a couple of days.  A lightning strike next door sent rumbles through the lines of the neighborhood it seems.  Our little cul-de-sac was filled with repair people all day yesterday.  Ours was here for around four hours.  I … Continue reading

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A Few Favorite Recipes

I posted this tart lemonade and these happy cookies about this time last year…..thought I’d throw them out there again.  The other recipes are newbies to me. I’ve tried one and NOT YET tried one…but have plans to!  Of course….the best treat … Continue reading

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Hot Crackers ~

I am going to go “play” for a few days, so last night, I made a couple of goodies for hubby to snack on while I am away.  There are many variations to this recipe and I never make it … Continue reading

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Elephant Stew Recipe

Today was the annual Christmas Bazaar at St. Henry’s Catholic Church.  My purchases were simple.  Chocolate cupcakes for Jermel, an employee of my hubby’s, and a cookbook for my Aunt Betty.  Betty~ if you read this, be surprised!  The book … Continue reading

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