Hot Crackers ~

december 2012 017I am going to go “play” for a few days, so last night, I made a couple of goodies for hubby to snack on while I am away.  There are many variations to this recipe and I never make it the same way. I was introduced to these by my friends Shari and Shelly at our “50th” birthday bash.  I’ve been hooked since!  Thanks a lot, gals~

If you haven’t tried Hot Crackers….well, here’s the recipe: and they are addictive!

One box of saltines (my variation on this?  Whatever other crackers I may have in the pantry that day! Cheez-its, rye, pretzel chips and almonds made the cut today. Of course, when I add other crackers, I only use half of the saltines)

2 packages of dry ranch dressing mix  Use whatever variety sounds good to you.  Today I am using original.

Red crushed pepper  The hotter the better…that’s our taste.  So if you cannot handle the heat, just use a teaspoon or so.  I use six Pizza Hut packages!

3/4 cup canola oil

Mix together dressing mix, pepper and canola oil.  Place crackers in very large bowl.  Pour “mix” over crackers.  I use a wooden spoon and carefully turn the mixture. You don’t want to crush the crackers.  After that, seal bowl with a lid or foil and toss lightly, mixing.  Do this every so often until the mixture has absorbed.  I think they are best the next day, but a few hours will do it if need be.  I store them in a couple of storage bags.  They are too delicious not to share!  december 2012 018december 2012 019

I also made tabouli tonight, but I will share that one another day~

Hope you enjoy!  I’ll see ya in a few days!  Have a great Monday and be nice to people!  Even if they run over your mailbox! ♥

december 2012 021

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18 Responses to Hot Crackers ~

  1. Curious to try these out – what consistency do they have?

  2. bubblytee says:

    This reminds me of Texas Trash, aka Reindeer food – an assortment of cereals and nuts.

    I am working on creating Mexican Trash, but maybe i should call it Mexican Trail Mix, — the trash part doesnt sound too tasty. lol ;)…

    AND i do love your cracker medley…will make some to share with my grandbebe …thank you bunches!

  3. The crackers don’t get soggy?

  4. artsifrtsy says:

    I love these – they are awesome and addictive.

  5. These sound just wonderful! I’d rather have a spicy, salty snack than candy or cake, so this is made for me! Enjoy your time away, too. 🙂

  6. I am a total can I just leave out the hot pepper altogether?? But then, I suppose they wouldn’t be HOT crackers, would they?? 🙂 Hope you had a fun time playing!

  7. Haha…so funny! I know, total wuss. It’s ok, I am secure in my wussy self! 🙂

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