Pauline’s Woven Baskets

pauline's baskets 6There’s a sweet little secret tucked inside the OSU Farmer’s Market in Oklahoma City.  Meet Pauline.  She hand weaves each of her one of a kind baskets.  Each one is made with expertise, care and love.   pauline's basketspauline's baskets1While I was at my mom and dad’s this week, Santa had tucked this amazing treasure under the tree for ME!  Look at the detail!  I love it!  Sugar likes it, too.pauline's baskets2  Thanks Santa!  (Thanks Pauline!)Pauline's Baskets3pauline's baskets4 pauline's baskets5 Want one for you?  Or for a friend? Or maybe you’d like to learn to weave? Here is the contact info. 🙂pauline's baskets7

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26 Responses to Pauline’s Woven Baskets

  1. They are gorgeous! So creative.

  2. Really interesting weave!

  3. adinparadise says:

    These are so gorgeous, and a far cry from the misshapen offerings I made at school and took home to my mom. 😀

  4. bubblytee says:

    I admire anyone who has the patience for this craft. It tears up the hands or it toughens them up…

    I love her work! Wonder if she does custom work? I am always looking for baskets with lids or baskets that are divided and cant find them. (:

  5. renae says:

    Pauline’s work is amazing and beautiful!!! I am so proud to be the owner of her unique art….Thank YOU Pauline!!

  6. They’re gorgeous – I love baskets. I have about 10 and keep odds and ends in them.

  7. I love basket weaving! What an art form. I love beautiful and useful things!

  8. artsifrtsy says:

    Those are really nice. My mom made baskets – never learned to do it. I wish I had hung onto one of them.

  9. They’re beautiful and what a great gift idea…

  10. ly says:

    If you put all your loose stuff in a beautiful basket, you no longer have a mess. THAT’s what I love about baskets. And, these are beautiful! What an art form!

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