Peacemaker versus Peace Seeker

Blessed are the Peacemakers…yes♡

Musings from an Empty Nest


I prefer to avoid conflict at all cost. Insert four children. For years I prided myself on being a peace-seeking person. This simply meant I was a big chicken who would go around the block to avoid conflict. One day I learned Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers, not the peace seekers. Ouch! The reality of that lesson and realizing the difference meant a life-adjustment for me. If the blessing comes in peacemaking, I decided I wanted to learn the skill.

My children provided me ample opportunity to practice this newly sought peacemaking skill. It meant I could no longer yell from another room, “Don’t fight with your brother!” I had to get in the middle of conflict and make peace. This included sitting with my children and listening to them to evaluate the problem and resolution. It might have meant a consequence where they had to work together at…

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  1. I like that insert 4 children! That is so true! 🙂

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