You Don’t Bring Me Flowers


I enjoy shopping at second-hand stores and antique shops.  The carrot I dangled to entice hubby to go with me this week was the Bass Pro Shop.  🙂 At our first stop I looked through the awesome book section.  I wandered on, and did a double when I spotted the hundreds of empty vases …. I thought of the many emotions they represented… happiness, surprise, grief, delight, sadness, love, comfort, joy, appreciation, disappointment, gratitude, regret…

I once knew a man who realized his relationship was in trouble, so he sent his lady roses every day.  It was simply too late.  Flowers will not always mend the shattered hearts. Especially when only one heart is broken.

Bass Pro Shop Flowers

Bass Pro Shop Flowers

Don’t forget….it’s the little things that help keep relationships healthy.


Be nice to people ~  You just don’t know what they may be dealing with today. ♥  Happy Weekend!

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34 Responses to You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

  1. this is so true and I love how you took such a commercial vignette and made us feel the emotions held there.

  2. viveka says:

    I totally agree … that flowers doesn’t always help … but still I think we should have all flowers while we are still alive *smile – I love all your thoughts around the vases. You be good to yourself … too.

    • Oh YES! Flowers are for the living….not the dead. Bring em on and now! 🙂 Hope your day is a sweet one, Viveka! ♥

      • viveka says:

        Yes … let me drown in flowers and chocolate *smile
        My day has been okay – tomorrow busy … homework, cleaning … get long haul visitor next week .. from Peru. A friend I haven’t seen for 33 years. And I will be at mom’s place finishing that up until … the last minute of her arrival. So exciting. Have a great Sunday.

      • Chocolate!!! .You are my kinda gal, for sure!

        Wow….I hope you have the best time ever (!) catching up with your friend! ENJOY♥

      • viveka says:

        I will … and of course there will be posts about … our adventure. 5 days.
        Of course chocolate!!! *laughing

      • And I look forward to hearing (and seeing) your adventures!!

  3. findingmyinnercourage says:

    I love your writing and words in this Blog. It’s chocolate all the way for me, but it has ti be really good dark chocolate!

  4. Yes, it is the little things, done often and for reason at all.

  5. LFFL says:

    I love the glassware there!

  6. They opened a Bass Pro here a few years back. It’s like a Mecca for men; all the pick up trucks heading out that way on the weekends carrying men dressed in camo driving as if on auto pilot to their favourite place…

  7. Wonderful post and there are times where flowers don’t help, but for the most part, I think they do the trick. My hubby has always sent me flowers and not just for the normal occasions, but for our special days, too. I love your image; the daisies are just gorgeous! Oh, and my hubby loves Bass Pro Shop and Cabelas! 🙂 Have a great weekend, Lauren

  8. You are so correct. It is the little things both in doing (things together) and in giving, that are SO important.

  9. Five Quick Minutes says:

    Tremendous advice! How great it was to think about all of the emotions which were represented in those vases. You have a super day and visit us again soon!


  10. I would be a bull in a china shop amongst all those vases,I’m a major klutz, but they are so pretty!

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