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Drive By Dumpster Diving and Stuff

Hubby and I took a little drive after a scrumptious Father’s Day lunch yesterday. I wish someone would pay me to do this full-time. I love the little surprises that present themselves. I have nothing against dumpster diving. But what … Continue reading

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Critter Observations

What would I do without our ever entertaining little girl dogs?!?!? (SPIDER ALERT! Below! ) Well I guess I would just observe our other pet and be thankful that I’m too big to be wrapped up in that web. Have a great weekend … Continue reading

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Feel Groovy ~

Whatever you may choose to do today, and wherever you choose to go…..hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend, people.  And if you have a minute, you might want to check out a couple of blogs that I read weekly.   … Continue reading

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Random ~ I Bought a Flute

Well no “formal” post today.  Not that any of my post are formal, but today’s is “extra” random.  Our neighborhood is having a garage sale today.  I decided to get up early and check it out!  Then an even better … Continue reading

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