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Baby …It’s Cold Outside

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Happy Birthday Egg Hunt…..

Our two sweet little pound puppies turned eight years old today.  It’s their assumed birthday…but they don’t question it, nor do they seem to mind.  We began the tradition of egg hunt after their first year. It seems to be … Continue reading

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Gender Education

Blessed with warmer weather this week, I took each of our dogs for a walk, one at a time.  My little neighbor friend joined me for a portion of dog walk number one.  And here is how the conversation flowed with … Continue reading

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An Invasion

We will never again have to worry about being invaded by hot air balloons at our house. Our furry detectors are the best alarms ever. They barked until the balloons were out of sight…and continued to bark another twenty minutes. so sorry neighbors  Good … Continue reading

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Critter Observations

What would I do without our ever entertaining little girl dogs?!?!? (SPIDER ALERT! Below! ) Well I guess I would just observe our other pet and be thankful that I’m too big to be wrapped up in that web. Have a great weekend … Continue reading

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Bubbles and Gloves

A Peaceful Sunday afternoon in Oklahoma….first a walk around the lake…then some backyard play with Sugar and Baby… Cause life is short, peace is sweet♥

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Reindeer Stuffing ~

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Cherry Street Market ~ Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hubby and I, and a few hundred others, ventured out to  the Cherry Street Farmer’s Market on Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The vintage beauty of the area, the music, the aroma of freshly baked breads and fragrant veggies that screamed, … Continue reading

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Replacing the Squirrel ~

Well, the day finally arrived.  It was past time to replace the Flying Squirrel Chuckit for the “girls”.  We believe in getting our money’s worth.  Mission accomplished ~“I don’t know, sister.  What do yo think”?“Look!  New corners for me to … Continue reading

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The Puppies~

A crazy AND  busy day today. (JUST got internet service back and still don’t know where it went! ;)) so I thought I’d post a few pics of “the girls”, Baby and Sugar.  If you are considering getting a pet, please … Continue reading

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