Random ~ I Bought a Flute

Well no “formal” post today.  Not that any of my post are formal, but today’s is “extra” random.  Our neighborhood is having a garage sale today.  I decided to get up early and check it out!  Then an even better thought ~ carry my shopping bag and get my exercise, too!  So I walked….I met friendly people along the way and some great new neighbors! (Ours is a young and growing area) I even found a few bargains!Buying books when power walking a neighborhood garage sale….well….I guess I burned a few extra calories?Yes ~ I bought a flute.  No.  I do not play.  But maybe next week I will play the flute?A cute bag to carry the flute home in AND to throw my camera in, too~

After an hour and a half……I decided I’d had enough of the experience~  Now on to water my flowers….and maybe drink outta the water hose.  Yep, I like living on the edge ~

Have a great weekend, people!  And be nice to each other, you never know what they might be going through ♥

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14 Responses to Random ~ I Bought a Flute

  1. Get wild, girl! Take a drink for me. I love that you bought a flute. My sister Con buys musical instruments at garage sales and thrift stores. It’s amazing the music you can tease out of an instrument on a few years of violin lessons. Random posts are good.

  2. So fun! You know the fingerings for sax (or you DID!) so you know the fingerings for flute. It just takes more air!

  3. Dottie says:

    Sounds like you had a “random” fun morning….would liked to have tagged along!! I love the reading material you picked!! I read a lot but haven’t read any of those 🙂 Enjoy and have a great weekend!! I walked out to check out my “small” garden plot this morning. Have 2 tiny peppers so far. The main thing everything still living and growing!! Love ya Paula….keep writing!! Your followers have begun to depend on you to brighten our days 🙂 😀 😛

    • Well I will share with ya Dottie…they were .25 each! I would have bought the whole box…but again…I was walking! 😉 Yay on the peppers! I didn’t plant any veggies….I will be counting on farmer’s mkt friends this year. Much luv ♥ Have a fun Sat! ♥

  4. Dottie says:

    If you were closer I would share my veggies (if I get any) 🙂

  5. I always wanted to play a flute and the piano never learned a lick of music… I can’t even sing in tune… lol But I sing none the less… Sounds like a wonderful morning to me… especially that living on the edge with the water hose…HAHAHA!
    Have a wonderful weekend..Sweet lady


    • Well, I got it out….cleaned the mouthpiece (germ freak that I am!)….tooted a bit….put it back in the case and then had a good chuckle! I wish it had been a saxophone….maybe next garage sale? 😉

      You too, my dear! ♥

  6. All I can think of is “what can you make with a flute?” Chances are I’ll come up with something in my dreams tonight. That’s when I do my bestest thinkin’

  7. Renae says:

    Oh my, remember the violin??? Be sure to buy one if you cross paths, hopefully I won’t hear you practice from here 🙂

    • haha! I practiced at your house because my roommate hated it so much! lol! I had forgotten all about that! I already made an attempt at the flute…then put it back in the case. I will serenade again tomorrow….I’ll call ya so you don’t miss it! 😉

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