How to KILL Tomatoes in Six Weeks

A few weeks ago, I posted Growing Maters, to show you a different method for planting tomatoes that would require less work/watering.  After hubby planted our eight plants, we took a little trip to mom and dad’s and he did the same thing there for them. Fool proof.  Right?

Enter….aphids.  I watched for the big ugly tomato worms….but was surprised at finding our plants covered in nasty tiny white critters!  I talked to mom…. googled some organic ways to rid our plants of the pests, treated them with sprays of soapy water…. and wallah!    I.  Killed. Them.  Overnight.

new tomatoes 003

But do not think the method does not work. Look at the bounty now ripening on our kitchen counter!

new tomatoes 008 maters

THEN….we took a drive to mom and dad’s over the and dad

Here we found tomato TREES!

new tom puple tom

new tom cucs

Their cucumbers.

new tomatoes 006 cuc

Our cucumber.

new toma dillWhile we are in Mom and Dad’s garden…you may as well see how green their thumbs are!

new tom rasb

new tom  cellar new tom pink flowers new tom lavender new tom dill1

By the way.  We are not giving up.  We are starting over in hopes of a bountiful fall gathering. Prayers are always welcomed. 🙂

new tomatoes 010

It’s folks  like hubby and I that keep the farmer’s market in business.

Have a great week and be nice to people!


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33 Responses to How to KILL Tomatoes in Six Weeks

  1. Your parents have a great garden. Yours looks more like mine.

  2. So… ummm…. how far away do your parents live? Are they in another Zone? 🙂

    Their garden makes me green with envy! It’s rather beautiful!

  3. russtowne says:

    My condolences at your losses. May the next crop more than make up for this one.


  4. Oh my, it’s all so green and lush and bountiful! Mine has had too much water, it’s not going to provide much this year. Love their fraidy hole, too.

  5. bulldog says:

    Well I think we know who has the green fingers for sure… but keep on trying you never know what might happen…

  6. says:

    You did an AWESOME job killing those tomato plants. Won’t Dipel Dust work on aphids? It’s really B.T. – bacillus thuringiensis which is a natural bug killer. Never give up on gardening. Just work up a new plan for the next season and start over.

    • 🙂 I have not heard of Dipel Dust….but maybe I should be prepared and get some now! Even my pepper plants were eaten up. What bug likes hot peppers? Slugs!!!

      Not giving up…. hoping for a good fall crop! 🙂

      • says:

        Throw corn meal around your plants. I understand the slugs love it but when they eat it, they explode. Buy the Dipel Dust in a sprinkle container the first time. Afterwards, buy it in the sacks (more for the $) and refill your container.

      • I always learn so much from you! Thanks and will do!!!! 🙂

  7. Love your post! It brings back the lightness of life & the smiles 🙂
    My tomato plants are growing but no tomatoes yet 😉

  8. What I miss the most about living in an apartment is land. Land to garden. ❤
    Diana xo

  9. How disappointing! Each year we have varying success with toms – this year is looking better than most but that was probably tempting fate 😉 Good luck with the fall crop. Congrats to your parents – they obviously do have very green fingers.

  10. utesmile says:

    I am not good at gardening eihter and buy it from the farmer. He loves me. Hey keep trying and one day you will be selling at the market! 🙂

  11. Oh dear! What can I say? Your parents garden is beautiful. LOL! Let us pray!

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