Growing Maters

“Maters”… Oklahoma term for homegrown “tomatoes”.  Moving on….. 🙂

I promised my mom a couple of weeks ago that I would post the tomato method that we are experimenting with this year.  So now that everyone in Oklahoma has already planted their maters… is the link to planting tomatoes that hopefully will prove to be a little more care free AND produce an over abundance!  Tomatoes and Their Need For Water

Hubby tested the process at our house first, then we made a trip to my folks ~ and he did it again! now an experttomatoes, moore, talequah 003 tomatoes, moore, talequah 002

If you are truly interested, just click on the above link for an outstanding tutorial.  In a nutshell…..drill holes in the bottom of your bucket AND another line of holes all the way around it, about 10 inches from the bottom. Dig a hole deep enough to somewhat bury the container, then fill it with compost.  Circle your tomatoes and mulch.  Fill the bucket with water every two days.  This will supply your plants with the nutrients through the compost and moisture they need. through the drilled holes dad's garden and tiller5 dad and garden 2014 dad & garden 2014daddy's garden tomatoes  By the way…..the race is on between hubby and daddy to see who produces the first red tomato.  As of yesterday, hubby had a few tiny green ones….somehow I suspect there will be many a fish story told this summer.  Stay tuned…..  and happy gardening! 🙂


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35 Responses to Growing Maters

  1. Bonnie says:

    What a cool process!! Can’t wait to see how the mater race turns out! You should get your dad and Marvin little Mater cars!! 🙂

  2. Planted my maters today. Allergic to them, but all southern girls must grow maters to share.

  3. Jean says:

    Well, this intrigues me! My ‘maters are all sprouted and ready to plant. Should have warm enough weather soon (Minnesota). I’m not sure if I can get a hole deep enough in this rocky ground of mine. I might have to dig down a ways and then build a raised bed around it.

  4. Wonderful post, well explained, and the pictures really show how to do it.

  5. says:

    Paula – DO NOT forget to let us know how this d’mater experiment works out. We’ll need that tutorial link again, too.

  6. Never heard of “maters” and think that’s cute! I may have to start that one on the west coast. 🙂 I really am very excited about this method, Paula. We are in such a drought that I was wondering if I should even have tomatoes in my garden this year. You’re right about the need for consistent watering, and this way none would be wasted. I think I can justify my own “maters” after all. I’m sincere here…I’m really excited to try this!

    • Well lmk if you try it! Ours have been in the ground about 3 -4 weeks. Very healthy so far, but our heat has just started this week. Like you….drought here too. If not for finding this method, we would not have planted. Sliced maters and salt are my favorite summer meal! 🙂 Happy Tuesday

  7. Good luck! I hope hubby wins!

  8. bulldog says:

    This sounds a great method of watering the plants… great share…

  9. How interesting. Do let us know how the experiment works as we’d like to try it – too late for us this year though.

  10. Rhonda says:

    that’s funny…up here, maters are potatoes. or maybe that’s just my weird family, but it’s always been. my dad would love this idea, though I think last year was his last planting season. once I figure out the ins and outs of my yard, i’ll pick a spot for a garden and give it a go. nothing beats fresh tomatoes in the summer. oh…and if you end up with more green ones than you’d like, just do some good ol’ fried green tomatoes…mmm mmm good. 🙂 (great pix of the guys!)

    • Maters & taters. That’s the good life. Trying to do practical planting this season. None of my mums came back, so I replaced with herbs and pepper plants and cucs. A different kind of front flower bed! Fried green tomatoes….for sure, sister!

      • Rhonda says:

        sounds fabulous!

      • This year, we tried something totally different. Do you remember those green plastic planters (looks like a long sleeve) that was all over T.V. ads a few years ago? My hubby bought one at a garage sale (of course!) and followed the directions for planting with the young mater plant upside down throught the hole, then planter mix & fertilizer (that was provided) all packed into the sleeve, leaving several inches at the top
        for watering. I just went out and counted 8 green maters and that plant is now 36 inches tall hanging down. We have to keep hanging it higher on the tree limb. It needs some of the shade in our already hot Arizona sun. I’ll let you know how the maters taste later. I’ve given up buying what they pass for tomatoes in the market…unless I go to a Farmer’s market.

      • I have seen those but never tried them Delores. Keep me posted on how it goes! I agree ….and even at the farmer’s mkt you have to be on watch…some folks cheat at ours! 😦

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