Are You a Sunrise or a Sunset Person?

I don’t recall who I was having the discussion with the other day, but I declared myself a sunset person.  Nights are my thing….I prefer to stay up late as that’s when I am able to accomplish more.  When I was a youngster, I can recall sneaking out of bed and hiding around the corner to watch Marcus Welby M.D.  Santa could never do his/her work early at our house because of this problem. Late nights are expected in teen years, but it didn’t end for me after college either. Maybe it’s a curse, but it seems to work for me.  I need sleep…..but….later.  No apologies.

Not that my husband doesn’t like sunsets, but he is a sunrise person.  He is chipper (UGH….don’t speak to me before 8:30 a.m. and don’t expect makeup til WAY later!) and ready to hit the day before the sun is even considering doing so!  I think the only sunrises we have seen together have been when he’s changed my clock or hidden it so that we can leave early for vacations.  And I must add, there were not a lot of pleasantries exchanged in the car once I was awake enough to figure that one out!

I don’t think there’s anything, though,  much sweeter than sitting on the porch with my hubby, sipping ice tea, and watching the colors change as the sun sets in the evening.

So what are you?  Sunrise? Sunset? Both? (I know… ♫ ♪ it makes you want to break into song, doesn’t it?!)  I don’t think I have ANY sunrise photos,  but I do have sunsets!  Here are a couple my favorites. ( Have a safe weekend and if you’re in a “cold” state, stay warm~)

Leadville, Colorado

Owasso, Oklahoma

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12 Responses to Are You a Sunrise or a Sunset Person?

  1. Wow, those are amazing, did you take them?
    I am kind of a “both” person. It depends on what mood I’m in; plus I don’t require a lot of sleep. I can stay up way late and get up at the crack of dawn. It used to be nothing for me to go to work on only one hour of sleep. Since the RA, I require more sleep or rest, so I’ve gotten a bit lazy.
    But you really should try some sunrises too; they are like God saying, “Good morning child, I hope you have a blessed day!”

  2. Yes, believe it or not, the Colorado pic was taken while we were at the Leadville dump, BEAR hunting! (and yes, I got a shot of a bear….from a distance! ha) The other sunset is from our porch. Most of my “porch” shots have an airplane in them, as we are pretty close to the Tulsa airport. You are not lazy, you’ve had a lot to deal with! And I may just ck out a sunrise one of these days. In the meantime, I’ll let you photograph those!

  3. renae says:

    Both for me! If i’m in a bad early morning, the sunrise always makes me smile. I love those sunsets, fire in the sky…..great pics!

  4. ty, nae….am thinking I drive you crazy with the late night stuff when you are here? 😉 good that you are versatile! snap a pic sometime!!!

  5. I’ve always been a “sunset” person…and of course I married a “sunrise” person. If I could stay up until 2 a.m. and do all my housework and creative endeavors, and then sleep until about 10 a.m. I would be one happy old gal. Loved your sunset photos. I do hate to brag (but you know I will)…Arizona has the most glorious sunsets of any state we’ve lived in. It’s like a “God Hug” and He’s saying “you did well today and I’m giving you this gorgeous sunset as a treat!” I still haven’t mastered the digital camera, nor do I know how to send photos on this contraption, but take my word for it, our evenings are beautiful. Have a blessed weekend. xxoo

  6. Christi says:

    Definitely more of a “sunset” person and believe it comes from enjoying “my” time after the kids’ went to bed. Love to be able to sleep in (although the older I get, the earlier that seems to be) and DO NOT try to converse with me until I’ve had my coffee. Is cold here today but the sun is shining so all is not lost. Your pictures are amazing!

  7. I think the kid thing plays a big part in staying up late, too. First because of them, then WITH them! lol! I never learned to like coffee, I have my morning iced tea though! Glad you like the pics….I take way too many!

  8. julie b says:

    Sunset, although some of the most special times I remember sharing with hubby are the times he has awakened me when we were at the lake so that we could be together and watch as the sun was coming up over the water…very sweet and special times…then I go back to bed!

  9. Holly says:

    Loved this post! Couldn’t wait to comment on it. I have to say, I am some of both, but I am mainly a sunrise person. It doesn’t happen very often, but the feeling I get when I wake up early and watch the sunrise is just bliss! It makes me feel brand new! I loooove early mornings. I also have a tendency if I sleep in late one day to have a ton of trouble to get back to my normal routine because I am a night owl, genetically, I think 🙂 I have very few pictures of sunrises in my collection, but I do have a lot of sunsets, I’m usually always awake for those!
    I must admit, though, I don’t enjoy getting up early and rushing around without even a chance to stop and gaze at the sky. If I get up early and watch the sun rise, I like to drink my coffee, soak up all the pretty colors and relax a little before I begin my day. If I get up early and see the sunrise, I am usually in a good mood. I say usually because if you woke me up in the middle of a deep sleep, I’ll probably be cranky no matter how beautiful the sunrise is 🙂
    Now on to sunsets.
    I have to agree with Dolores, I’ve only seen a couple of sunsets in AZ, but they were pretty amazing, however, I think California is pretty competitive! Some of the sunsets over the Pacific are just breathtaking, you wish you could freeze time. On several occasions, I’ve snapped probably a hundred shots of a beautiful sunset at the beach, and I never get tired of looking at them.:)

    • Am jealous of your ocean sunsets…..I could see where you would never want to leave! Share some of your pics sometime. I love your pics of boats, sealife, etc. Makes me know you are “good” where you are ♥

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