I Like Chairs ~ a confession

I like chairs.  No, I LOVE chairs. But chairs take up a lot of space and I didn’t plan on collecting them! Maybe they collect me?  Because like most things collected, there is meaning and there are memories in each and every piece.  Why didn’t I collect buttons instead? Oh, but wait! ~ I did that, too.

My sister, Renae and I, had these matching chairs when we were little tikes.  Imagine my delight when I was crawling around in Mom and Dad’s attic last fall, and I found the other one! (I left it in the garage for her to pick up….with 2 or 3 more chairs!)

My hubby still has his childhood chair, too!

This was a Christmas gift chair from my kiddos.  Extra special because they did the refurb on it themselves! Great job~  😉

This chair came from an antique store in Skiatook, Oklahoma. It needs a fabric uplift.  And it will get it ~ some day!

This chair came from the McAlester, Oklahoma courthouse.  It also went for a bumpy ride down the road and survived! Oh if it could only talk ~  I use it as a side table to a bed.

We picked this one up for 10 bucks at a garage sale. A little clean up and recovering a piece of wood, and it was good to go!

This is an old sewing chair and it has storage inside.  One day I will tackle recovering it. (any volunteers?)

This rocking chair was a Christmas gift to me from my boyfriend.  Oh….  I might mention  that was over thirty years ago.  He said I could rock my babies in it some day.  So I married him. ♥

Probably our favorite chairs of all time.  Yep, old beat up metal rockers.  I attempt to sand them and repaint them each Spring.  My old Tuttle friend, Larry Gambill, found them for me years ago.  From house to house and state to state these chairs have moved. Hubby and I have rocked on many a front porch and sipped a few drinks in them.  We have almost solved all the worlds problems.  Not to worry, we’ll keep working on it~

(Now tell me what you collect?!?!)

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18 Responses to I Like Chairs ~ a confession

  1. I love your chair collection and that sewing chair….how awesome I have never seen anything like it..
    I love those old metal rockers too, but they’re sure hard to find and cost a pretty penny now.
    Up until about 6 yrs ago I collected Elephants.. but gave my entire collection to my youngest daughter for her to start her own collection of elephants since she was always enthralled with them.. So she has them now all displayed and growing. Nowadays I collect fabric..I’d love to collect a few other things but I just don’t have room for anything in the house anymore.

    Lovely collection

    • Thanks Carri! I was about to purchase another chair one day recently, and then stopped and said to my hubby…I really don’t think we have another place for a chair! That’s when I realized my chair “collection”. HA! That being said…my daughter in -loves have already been plagued by chairs from me….and will probably get a few more! I found a couple of metal rockers CHEAP at a sale last weekend. My heart felt heavy as I walked away from them….ha…I need chair therapy! I’ll keep an eye out for elephants now! ♥

  2. Beth says:

    Another great post, Paula! Loved it! =)

  3. Jeannette Wynne says:

    I love your chair collection! I have a collection of “small/mini chairs” – they don’t take as much room and hold some of my unique small doll collection:) I also collect Mary Englebreit stuff, vintage ephemera, bird cages (vintage & new), and unique clocks:) I don’t add to these collections often anymore because of space constraints, but still enjoy the hunt!

    • the hunt/journey is where the fun is really at!!!

      • Jeannette Wynne says:

        So true! When reading Delores’ comments about Chuck’s high chair (which is darling by the way:) I was reminded that I, too, have a special chair! It is a Lincoln rocker given to me by my grandmother when I was 13 (53 years ago!). She received it from her mother when she was 13 (in 1887). So it’s at least 125 years old. It has a cane back and seat (which I had re-done in the 1960’s) and proudly sits in my bedroom.

      • Wow….what a great piece of history, Jeannette ~ I’m gonna have to google this and take a peak!

      • Jeannette Wynne says:

        I found a picture of one almost exactly like mine…it’s “armless” and in excellent shape. Amazing:)

      • I googled and there are many styles….the wood is gorgeous!

  4. I collect old buttons, and have tried to separate them by color, in 13 old Ball canning jars. I use them in many crafts. I also collect old rhinestone, and colored stone, jewelry from the 1940’s -1950’s.. At one time I pinned them to old decorator pillows on the guest bed. I also love old chairs, but my favorite one is my husband’s baby high chair. It has been painted many times. It was used by him (he is now 82), our three children, our three grandchildren, and even our two great granddaughters have used it when visiting here from CA. Now I keep it in the kitchen as a place to stack some of my favorite cook books. I enjoy looking at photos of four generations of babies sitting in that old high chair, purchased in the 1930’s. I’m sure Chuck’s mom had no idea how many sweet babies would get use out of that chair.

  5. shobavish says:

    What an unusual collection and a great write-up!

  6. When you grow up in a military family and they choose to live away from family (my mom was an only child but had good cousins and my dad had 13 brother and sisters), you miss out on things like heritage and having items passed down. I envy you your past; mine is murky and not fun to remember. But I thank you for sharing yours.

  7. Darla ~ this makes me really sad for you. But then I think of your precious expanded family and the loving memories you guys have with each other. You made certain that your babies would have that heritage. They are so blessed to have you and Clint….and that makes me smile for ALL of you ♥

  8. Kelly says:

    You’ve got some GREAT chairs 🙂 Hmmm… makes me want some more chairs! They are fun to shop for. Hugs, friend!

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