The Hunt!

Hope each of you enjoyed a great Easter weekend!  We had our traditional egg hunt with our “girls”.  Here are some pics!

Are you ready yet?  I’m not peaking!

Sugar got the most eggs ~ (dog treats inside!)

Baby found her share, too ~

Our neighbors got “peeped”!   LOL!  This would be GREAT to do to a “friend”.  Get your peeps this week HALF PRICE!  Not that I would encourage it…. 😉

Have a super great Monday!  Be good to each other ♥

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8 Responses to The Hunt!

  1. renae says:

    So glad the girls had their egg hunt. We were just talking about it yesterday…..and that is sooo funny, all the peeps in the yard…..oh what a great idea!

    • I did a video of the girls too, I may post on my page…it’s funny, but rather LONG! lol! The “peeping” is hilarious! Can you imagine a dog coming along and trying to eat those, though? Bad news….

  2. How cute…. the pups get to have an egg hunt.. and the Peeps I actually “pinned” because that’s just too darn funny and original…..


    • The girls turn 6 this month….they LOVE to hunt eggs and get special treats! I had never seen a “Peeping” before and we laughed so hard! 😉 (a minister’s house….what a clean up party they will have! trying to beat the ants!)

  3. I love the “Peeping” idea…..that is hilarious! I hope the minister has a good sense of humor and lots of ‘ant kiler’.

  4. Kelly says:

    We did an egg hunt for our dogs a couple years ago… I love that you do that for them! Your neighbors getting ‘peeped’ — hysterical. Happy Monday to you, friend 🙂

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