And Why Should I Trust You? ~ A Post from “The Other Sister”

Today’s post is from the Mississippi sister, Renae.  Please jump in with your feedback….unfortunately, this has happened to many of us ~

So it’s Friday the 13th…… for me it’s really the kind of day to joke about and have a little fun. I’m just not the superstitious type. My day was planned: showing property to clients; lunch with my hubby; then off to a closing…..really, could Friday the 13th get any better than this??

Just as I was about to wrap up the morning of looking at properties, what do I hear??…..the familiar, but dreaded sound of something in my tire….I had picked up a screw while out. My tire wasn’t losing air, yet, but I knew I had better get it taken care of as quickly as possible. Since I wasn’t near my regular car care store, I popped into the first one I ran across. All I needed was a tire repair. It seemed like such a simple thing at the time.

After providing my info, off goes my car into the bay for repair. In short order, I am asked to come back and take a look at my car. Sadly, the tire could not be repaired. Not only did the damaged tire need replaced, but all FOUR tires….oh and “Your brakes are bad!!” and “You need new rotors and brakepads”, I’m told.

It crossed my mind about this time that maybe there was something to this Friday the 13th. I asked the manager if the rotors could be turned? And this is the moment I knew that something was not right.  There was a “deer in the head-lights” look on his face while he paused; then looked at me, and answered, “No”.

Now I don’t fully understand all the mechanical attachments to turning the rotors, but I know it is possible and if “no” was indeed the answer, it should come with an explanation. There was no explanation, but instead an estimate of $1,770.  Along with the estimate, came a very eager and encouraging manager, wanting me to take care of this immediately.

I decided to give the folks at Ultimate Tire Care a call.  This is the place I have gone for years. They assured me they could repair my tire and it would be free of charge since I purchased my tires there. They also gave me a quote for the same tires, at $150 less than the first guy (and his were on sale ~yeah right!)  My hunch was correct.

Thank goodness for honest businesses! Ultimate Tire Care not only took care of the repair to my damaged tire with lightning speed, (which the other guy said could not be repaired) but also told me I only needed to replace TWO tires, not all four. Upon further investigation, it turned out my brakes were good. I did NOT need rotors or brake pads. I didn’t need to spend $ 1,700 because nothing was wrong! ! !  I did, however, opt for all four tires and still saved myself $ 1,000 by going to my local and trustworthy Ultimate Tire Service. (

It is disappointing to know there are folks just waiting to prey upon, what they consider, an easy target.  But there are still good guys out there doing their job and honest work. They may be difficult to locate… but DO keep looking and ask around.  Hopefully you will find them where you live! (and when you find them….tell others!)

Thanks, Renae, for the post.  I cannot help but wonder if this guy was trying to pull this because you were a woman by yourself, or it he does this to everyone?  As a follow-up, I really think you should send your hubby in with the other vehicle, and just see how that goes?  😉  Just a thought!

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5 Responses to And Why Should I Trust You? ~ A Post from “The Other Sister”

  1. renae says:

    It does certainly raise that question, is a woman an easy target for unnecessary car repair? I am fortunate to do business with a company that is honest and trustworthy. For many folks, life is busy! They don’t have time to run around comparing prices and the work truly required. The tough economic conditions still exist for many families. It is so disheartening to think any business would mislead and taking advantage of folks regardless of gender. The Golden Rule……wonder if they have heard of this?

  2. I have been here before, too. The trick is NOT to let them intimidate, even when you are desperate. You handled this well, Nae ~ I still think you should share THE BAD GUY! I hinted as much as possible!!! 🙂

  3. In my 20’s… before I “knew” anything.. I had a very similar experience and at a tire and brake kinda of place as well… I didn’t at that time know diddly about a car… and I got taken to the cleaners… He saw me coming with a huge neon sign saying “SUCKER”… I was chastised severely from friends when they heard what had happened and that I fell for it… I not only felt cheated but it made me feel stupid.. I only made that mistake once… and learned my lesson. Glad you had more smarts Renae! =)


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