And the “EYES” Have It ~

Are you a people watcher?  I am.  I try to watch body language and “read” people’s eyes to see what’s in there.  What do I see?  Most folks are in a rush, some are in a panic, many read blank, but I see a lot of sadness.  Deep sadness.

Eye contact is important.  I was raised to look people in the eye.  Being raised in a small town, it was just normal to greet each person you met.  We raised our kids the same way.  The eyes are the window to your soul, so to speak.  And if you are lying to me, your eyes will tell me that, too!  (This is also why I prefer doing business in person!)

So I  have a challenge for you.  The next time you go out to the grocery store or the post office or even for a walk around the block….try to make eye contact with every person you meet.  Not very many folks do this anymore.  If you are able to catch their eye, next say hello or nod and smile.  You think this sounds simple?  Well, try it and report back.   Life can be full of surprises~ ♥

I am headed out now, and I am taking the challenge…Ya’ll have a great one & be nice to each other! ♥

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2 Responses to And the “EYES” Have It ~

  1. Hi Paula, this is a great post! So true! I also don’t hesitate to ask questions–so many stories out there, and people are often glad to tell you theirs, if only you ask. Yesterday I went to the optometrist, and just by asking a few questions, I found out that he had wanted to be an eye doctor since high school–he was a bad boy with glasses, skipping class, not doing homework, but somehow latched onto this occupation as his path to stability. Next time I am going to ask him who chooses his ties for him!

    • I am a question asker, too. I stood in line so many times today doing various errands, that I had LOTS of opportunity for this! You are too funny ~ report back on that tie thing!!! 😉

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