Memorial Day ~ An Observation

I recall when I was growing up that there was something extra special about Memorial Day.  While I wasn’t exactly certain why it was special, I would observe my dad, a United States Air Force Veteran, placing his American Flag outside our home at the start of this weekend.  I knew from simply observing, it was a day to be revered.  I grew up listening to his stories. I never tired hearing about the country”boy” that joined the armed forces at age seventeen. He did indeed see the world.  New York, France, Germany. He returned home a responsible, determined, and respectful young man.

Fast forward many years.  I married the love of my life.  I also married a man whose father was retired military, and whose big brother was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force.  The respect and the patriotism I’d grown up with, lived in this household, too.   Sadly, we lost hubby’s brother a few years ago.  He now rests at Arlington Cemetary.  Never does a day pass that we don’t think about Eldon or talk about him. But we do know he’s in very good company.

Don’t forget to pause this Memorial Day weekend and remember it for what it was intended.  Our lake adventures and time spent with friends and family is there only because of these men and women that committed and sacrificed to serve for us. Let’s not take that gift for granted.  Remember. Teach your children and grandchildren. Thank a Veteran.  Thank their family.  Be Respectful ~

And I cannot end this post without saying my own sincere Thank You to our veterans and to their families.  Words are not enough….but they are from my heart ♥ And as Colonel Blaxton would say ~ “Life is short, Peace is Sweet.”    Indeed.

My Dad ~ Garland L. SimsJoplin, Missouri ~ though tattered in the storm, the Flag was still there ~

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22 Responses to Memorial Day ~ An Observation

  1. renae says:

    well said……Freedom is a gift……

  2. Dottie says:

    Don’t have anything to add!! You have said it all in words and pictures!! So thankful for all the ones that have fought for our freedom and are still doing so…..Especially for the ones that have given the ultimate…their life!! God Bless them all and their Families!! 🙂

  3. marvin says:


  4. I have a dear family friend who lost her husband in Afghanistan Aug 30, 2010, she had just found out the week before she was pregnant.. they had been trying for 10 years to conceive… Kevin knew he was going to be a Daddy.. I’m so glad he knew before he was killed. Today his little girl is a thriving lil adorable toddler. I thank her Mommy, her, the soldiers and their families and the soldiers who came before us.. and our generation…it’s astounding just how many people have sacrificed for our Freedom..

  5. Such a beautiful post…vary well said. Wonderful pictures too. I’m sharing this on fb and twitter.
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Great post, wonderful pictures… This expat thanks you for it!

  7. Darla says:

    LONG MAY SHE WAVE! Richard came home from Vietnam and we got married. Each of us has a deep appreciation and pride for our nation’s flag and PATRIOTISM. We’re old fashioned enough that we still believe in ‘hand over heart’ during the Pledge of Allegiance. VFW members will be selling poppies this weekend….let’s be sure to support them. My greatest memory of my dad is bringing the poppies home and presenting them with a little speech about the importance. He also was at every yearly Memorial Day ceremony presentation at our local cemetery proudly wearing his VFW hat, poppies and pins on his lapel. Honor and remembrance for veterans should rank high lest we forget what makes the US the nation it is today.

    • Well said, Darla ~ I actually thought about the poppies when I was writing this….haven’t seen any in years, but my dad always had a card display of them in his office and it was just the way it was! Hats off and hands of heart, you bet ♥

  8. Memorial Day used to be called “Decoration Day” and our family always went to the cemetery to honor those who had died for our freedoms. Whatever kind of flower mom had growing in the yard was what we made bouquets from, and proudly filled the cans by the graves with water and stuck those flowers there to honor our fallen heros. This is when I wish ole Kate Smith was still with us to belt out “God Bless America”.

  9. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    love this post. It’s something we cannot forget. Ever. Too many have sacrificed the ultimate sacrifice, willingly.

  10. Reblogged this on stuff i tell my sister and commented:

    Saying thank you is never enough….a day of reflection and gratitude for those who have given their all. ♥

  11. Well said 🙂 My dad served the US Air Force as well

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