How was YOUR weekend?

This past weekend was hubby’s weekend off from work.  These don’t happen often and they are like GOLD.  Truly.  Our plans were to meet our younger set of kids. which we did and enjoyed!   Hubby and I love to treasure hunt though, so we could not resist the fluorescent green garage sale sign just outside of our neighborhood. We followed the arrow…..and the next arrow….and the next arrow.  Before we knew it, we were a few miles from the house, but it was an adventure and we were still certain on finding something spectacular.  We finally arrived at our destination.  Old clothes.  An old treadmill.  And there was another giant fluorescent sign strapped to the front of the brick house that read:  “YOU CAN NOT USE OUR BATHROOM!!  DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT ASKING!”   Really.  Did this needed to be stated.  AND in such a rude manner?  Sometimes ~certain things will trigger that little bit of “GET-EM” inside of me.  This did.  As we were walking down their driveway, I stopped, turned and said, (yes~ you’ve probably already figured it out ;)) “Do you think I could borrow your restroom?”  The man’s jaw dropped and he studied me briefly in silence.  Then he broke into laughter and proceeded to tell me that there was an oak tree I was welcomed to use.  I won’t tell you where the conversation went after that.  As I said, I found the signage silly.  But there was a kind man who was shopping, and he took the time to stop me and tell me where the closest convenience store was located.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I was simply trying to “poke the bear”.

On Sunday, hubby and I were traveling on Route 66.  This particular portion was a busy divided highway with four lanes.  We started seeing slow downs, red brake lights, and cars pulling over.  I then noticed a policeman many cars ahead with his lights on.  We determined he was stopping someone.  But then he did a u-turn, and when the truck in front of us moved to the right hand lane, there was a large blue sedan…directly in front of us, going the wrong way.  The officer was trying to get to them.  Hubby chose to take the median rather than the car to the right or the head-on before us.  Our hearts got a pretty good work-out.  The officer was able to get her stopped before anyone was hurt.  It seems she thought she was on the service road.  Later that evening as we were “reflecting” on our day, my words to hubby were, “Man, I wish I’d had my camera ready for that one!”

You never know what the next moment will bring.  And you cannot ALWAYS have your camera ready.  So the pics of SHROOMS have nothing to do with anything….kinda like my post today.  Just ponderings in my noggin’ and pics on my sd card.  😉  Have a great week, friends.  Be nice to people.  And let them use your bathroom.  🙂

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22 Responses to How was YOUR weekend?

  1. renae says:

    i can’t believe you poked the bear…..i would never do anything like that 😉

  2. Laura Womack says:

    Paula your blogs just make my day!! They always cause me to reflect, think and sometimes laugh out loud. I never knew you to be the onery one in high school. You were always quiet. Keep on poking the bear!!!

    • haha! Laura….now you are making ME laugh. Your bubba probably has a few stories….but isn’t it the “shy” ones you have to watch? 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting….♥

  3. Rhonda says:

    Haha Paula…a girl after my own heart! I would have poked that sucker too! Good for you. And glad all turned out ok w/wrong way nellie. that is indeed a heart thumping moment. the mushroom photos are great…and who cares if they have nothing to do with the post. mushrooms grow where ever the spore lands…just like our posts. you never know what or when or why…we just roll with ’em. Good read!

  4. Christi says:

    While you were out pokin’ the bear and having a thrill ride on Route 66, I was shucking, blanching, cutting and freezing 75 ears of fresh sweet corn! And it is soooooooo good! I know we’re not related by blood, but I honestly believe that we could be. I think it’s probably a good thing Renae wasn’t along for the ride; my sister would have been poking me to poke the bear! Great story (and really, who asks to use someone’s bathroom at a garage sale?)

    • haha! I know Christi, who does?!?!? Fresh sweet corn….yum. The boys used to work corn on a farm and then sold it at farmer’s mkt. I would buy three bushels every yr. Eat some, cream some, whole freeze the other….jealous!!!! But is is a lot of works. And I screamed at every worm I would find. Stay outta this heat, girl! Your sis sounds like my sis!! 😉

  5. I laughed out loud, more than once reading this earlier today! I would have done the exact same thing and poked that bear and asked to use the bathroom too – sometimes it’s just too ripe for the picking, and it’s just fun to ‘play’ with some folks…especially when they ask for it! the ‘shroom pics, just too darn funny – love that unexpected turn. And from one of the comments up ahead of mine…yes, you do have to watch out for the ‘shy, quiet’ ones…

    And the not so funny part, the wrong way driver – wow! So glad you two are ok!!

    ps…I would have said the same thing about wishing I had had my camera with me…

    • I am in such good company on “poking the bear”! 😉 We need to have a convention! The wrong way lady….well….she did scare us….and I called the police dept this morning to be sure she was okay. Just a wrong turn….not even a citation! They would have locked me up! lol! as for the “shrooms”….???? Thanks for reading and laughing with me! ♥

  6. that cracked me up. i do the same exact thing when people put up obnoxious irritating signs.

  7. I agree about the silly signage. Is it really necessary to be rude?
    I am very glad that y’all were not hurt on the road this weekend or was anyone else. Sounds like you guys had an interesting and exciting weekend. We worked too hard for our old bodies, but it was while helping our oldest kids, so it was worth it. 🙂 I think.

  8. Paula, you are a great storyteller. Your story was a great way to start the day–with a smile.

  9. Poking the bear… lol 🙂
    Good for you Paula, Good for you!

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