Planking Anyone?

Back in the spring, hubby & I met my sister, Renae and her hubby for a bit of r & r.  Since she is the big sis, she tends to bring out the kid in me.  Or maybe just getting away from the norm does that.  Heck, I guess I don’t really need an excuse.  It is just fun to be silly sometimes and MORE fun when someone will join you!

So I decided we should try planking.  I know, it’s nothing new.  But it is for me.  And in retrospect, I should have studied up on the rules before hand, but then I would have lost the spontaneity of the moment, right?  I know for future reference that my hands should be at my side.  My brother-in-law sent me the planking pics he snapped of us while in Arkansas.  He was kind enough to go so far as to caption them for me….thanks Steve…:)The rocks were covered in thousands of microscopic red bugs.  And yes, my shirt was red with bug guts when I finished!  Unexpected!Sister was supposed to be helping me! You know, “head down, feet down more”, and yet she laughs! 🙂Okay ~not really perfect…..but the closest I got knowing bugs were under my belly! Finally. I talked sister into trying it and she discovered the bird poop.  This was the best we could hope for!After that, we decided to stick to something we could do.  Okay….we weren’t so good at this either, but it was fun trying.  And there were no bugs or poop. 🙂Don’t mess with the sisters!  🙂  Have a good one, friends.  And if you attempt planking, be sure and share your pics with us!  I am determined to get it right one day!

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28 Responses to Planking Anyone?

  1. kizzylee says:

    brilliant! brought a smile to my face this one 🙂 have an excellent day xx

  2. Looks like you had fun and thats all that matters 🙂

  3. O.M.G. Laughing out loud…can you hear me all the way from CA? You should be able to! That is perfect, I love it! It never occurred to me to try planking and I think it’s brilliant that you and your sister did that! The bugs and poop and all. Love it!! 🙂

  4. It’s just good to see sisters having goofy fun…you made my day! Thanks!

  5. Juliana says:

    LOL..I’m craking up with those “who’s that guy?” pictures…You girls are so funny!! Love it! 🙂

  6. So funny! You two obviously have fun together!

  7. GMBlaxton says:

    LOL, dork. Too funny.

  8. So funny! You look like you both had a fantastic time, love it!

  9. Dena says:

    the first time I ever heard of planking was while watching last season’s auditions for American Idol. One sister sang while the other planked…as a way to support her singing sister. Odd little ducks, the both of them.

  10. hipmamamedia says:

    OMG! This is toooooo hilarious! I didn’t know about planking until my college-age son told me all about it and the nuttiness that goes along. You and your sister definitely win the Young at Heart award for being so fun loving and the That a Trooper award for putting up with the bugs. 🙂 Found you via the great wave set off by Rian at Truth and Cake and echoed by Paper Keeper. So nice that you visited my blog, too.

  11. russtowne says:

    That was a LOT of fun! Thank you for sharing these fun times!

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