Perfect Fit

We have been back in Oklahoma for a while now, but still are not totally established with new “physicians”.  I did the research and made the call yesterday to get hubby in to a local podiatrist.  When you are a retail manager and live on your feet, a podiatrist is as crucial as your dental visits and therapist.   I gave all of the pertinent info requested by the office manager, scheduled the date, and then she asked, “What does he need to see the doctor about?”  Well, duh.  You already know what I said, don’t you? 🙂  “His feet“, I replied softly.  Silence on both ends of the phone line….then giggles on both sides.  I think this place may be the perfect fit for us!  yes, I know I’m a dork

Hope your day is going well! ♥

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22 Responses to Perfect Fit

  1. love the boots in the right hand lower corner

  2. I think I have the same boots as you… left hand lower corner?
    I got mine in Texas..
    (You know they didn’t come from Norway 🙂

  3. Sandy says:

    Not a boot person, but could LOVE the upper left corner pair!

  4. mikeakin1 says:

    That’s a “duh” moment lol

  5. I love my cowboy boots!

  6. I could see having that conversation with you! And it’s the kind of moment that would leave me smiling too! 🙂 [love the boots and I guessed right!!! ]

  7. That’s a cute story. It reminded of the little stories in Reader’s Digest. 🙂 Upper left boots – love them!

  8. adinparadise says:

    🙂 Upper left boots too.

  9. Hehee, don’t you just love moments like that? 🙂

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