About that Halloween Candy…

There were many errands to run this morning.  While I was in the grocery store, I passed a spooky display of goodies. Perhaps while I’m here, I should go ahead and purchase “trick or treat” candy, I thought.  My cardinal rule is to either wait until the day of Halloween to pick up candy OR buy icky stuff that I don’t like.   It all looked very enticing and I had not yet had breakfast or lunch.  Plus, I always want to be “that” house.  You understand?  The one with the best treats.   It IS for the neighborhood children, after all.  So I bought some favorites candy brands and left them in the grocery bag when I got home.  Out of sight, out of mind.

A few hours later, I was digging in the pantry for the ingredients to make pizza crust and I spotted our Halloween candy bowl.  I rinsed it out, dried it and then thought….well, what harm could it do to place the unopened bags in the bowl.  And that’s when it happened.  I realized there was another force in the kitchen that was stronger than myself.   The M & M’s were possessed!  The demons beckoned, “OPEN ME”.  And I did.  They shrilled, “Eat a package.”  And I did.  They demanded. “Try another.”  I obeyed the voices.  What a curse it is to have such a sweet tooth!  I may have to go back to the store Wednesday morning.  🙂  For the children, of course~

(By the way, the voices must be speaking to hubby, also.   I notice the Twizzlers are now open!)  🙂

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36 Responses to About that Halloween Candy…

  1. artsifrtsy says:

    I cannot have that stuff around. I buy a big bag on the way home on Halloween and I stuff it in all the neighbor’s mailboxes along our rural route. Then I go home with no candy:)

  2. Evil demon candy! Oh how well I know those voices. Those that are loudest are the Snickers. How they taunt me. May the force be with you, my friend. May the force be with you…

  3. Michele Seminara says:

    Thanks, very funny!

  4. artblablablablog says:

    Ha! Too funny, I have 2 bags of candy I don’t like but is wildly acceptable to children, stuffed in my drawer, out of sight. We have 16 kids in our neighborhood, split between two houses. I will just put it on the porch with my Styrofoam skulls and bones. Ringing bells and knocking on doors drives my dogs nuts, one who is having surgery Halloween morning on her foot. Chances are the next morning it will be untouched and will hit the garbage. Once I start on the stuff, I can’t stop no matter how sick I feel.

  5. hahaha! I am one of those weirdos that is not very tempted by candy. Baked goods, on the other hand, now that is tempting to me!

  6. This could have happened in my house! (I think it has.) It would definitely be me opening those m&m’s, and hubby made me grab a bag of twizzlers for him over the weekend! You are obviously perfectly normal, Paula, and you shouldn’t give this behavior another thought. 😉

  7. I battled it out with a bag of evil Snickers bars last night… The Snickers won and now they’ll live happily ever after on my hips. The worst part is; I can’t even blame it on Halloween 😦

  8. free penny press says:

    Haha.. I’m like that with those bags of miniature Kit-Kats.. I’s the force I tell you….

  9. OMG you are the best! Obeying the voices!! You gave me a good laugh for the day 😀

  10. LOL Yeeeeeahh… we have some fun-size candies in a jar on the kitchen counter… I allow myself one a day LOL But I always tell myself “they’re only 70 or 80 calories each” – and then, as I’m eating one, I realise (again) that they may “only” be 70 or 80 calories, but they’re also only a single mouthful LOL (I end up taking two bites just to make ’em last longer LOL)

  11. I do the same exact thing. I waited ’til today and got stuff I don’t like, no chocolate at all, cos I have no will power!

  12. I am hoping no one notices all the missing M & M mini-bags…there is still a nice mix of other chocolates, but those called my name…and I answered! I won’t buy early ever again. Shall I remind you the same next year?

  13. irishkatie says:

    Hahaha….i have a friend how decided that she needed to “test” the resess’ peanut butter cups to make sure they were okay to give out. I am “sure” they were thinking that even though the expiration date was still ok..that it might have been a misprint! lol

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