Everybody Loves a Parade ~ 1

This past weekend would be hubby’s last one off for a while.  So we decided we needed to make the best of it and see what all we could work into this beautiful Saturday.  It began with attending a fundraiser sale early that morning.  We didn’t know who they were raising money for, but they were kiddos, so we contributed.  Next stop, a Veteran’s Parade in town to celebrate and thank our service men and woman.  We arrived a bit early, so instead of being the normal onlookers,  we parked in the prep area and “mingled”. took photos The only bad part of the “pre-parade”?  There was no candy throwing.  But don’t cry for me yet! 🙂  There was another parade in another town later in the day. The winds on Saturday were crazier than normal, even for Oklahoma.  They sure made the flags stand proud.I guess what is so terrific about folks and small towns is that all ya have to do is give them a reason to gather, and it is turned into excitement, cause, promise and hope.  We would have none of these, were it not for our veterans.

Let’s be their support vehicle.  Thank a veteran every day!

(and don’t let the parade pass you by, instead, just jump right in!)

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14 Responses to Everybody Loves a Parade ~ 1

  1. Love this post and photos. Love the line: Let’s be their support vehicle. Thank a veteran every day!(and don’t let the parade pass you by, instead, just jump right in!)
    Very clever!

  2. artsifrtsy says:

    Great set – glad the weather held out for you!

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  4. Once again, you do not disappoint! Great images, giving me a glimpse of your life! Love it sister!

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