President Nixon ~ On His 100th

An Invitation

An Invitation

I knew a little girl, years ago, that was infatuated with Richard Nixon.  Maybe it was because it was the first time she was aware of this thing called “politics” or a presidential election?  Maybe it was simply because her teacher held a class election and she loved that feeling of voting and having a say in the future.  Perhaps it was his smile.  Regardless, she followed his life closely.  But not without questions, denial and disappointments.

She wrote a poem for him once.  She couldn’t recall all the words to it, but part of them were:

“Dear Mr. President Nixon, I hope that you’re not a fixin’,

To give in to those Watergate freaks, I think they should just go take a leap……”

well I guess the rest is history on that subject.



She mailed him several letters and never got a response.  But through it all she focused on the good he had accomplished:   His dealings in foreign relations;  The phasing out of drafting our young American men;  Pollution; Equal funding for female sports.

Richard Nixon died with his family by his side on April 22, 1994.  I don’t think it was a coincidence that his funeral service was on this little girl’s birthday.  She was 34 by now….but had never forgotten the attachment she held for her 37th President.  For she had learned from him about equality, competition, the environment, conspiracy, devotion and family.  As she watched his service that day, she prayed for his daughters, and hoped that he knew that he was still special to many hearts.  His life made a difference.

Happy 100th Birthday, President Nixon.  May you rest in peace ♥

A collection

A collection

nixon 004

(and this little girl will remove any negative comments today….just saying!)  🙂

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29 Responses to President Nixon ~ On His 100th

  1. You gave me such a chuckle with your memories here. You just must come out to California to visit the Nixon Library. It would totally fascinate you. Although I’m not quite as enamored with the man as you, his tenure as President was marked by a great deal of history. The Library captures so much of that and we have enjoyed a few visits just to refresh our memories of great historical events. His birthplace home is on the property, as well as it is where he and Pat are buried. I think you’d really enjoy it. I also went to Whittier College–his alma mater. Nixon was a Southern California native. Come visit! 🙂

  2. Ana Ela says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your work (this post is quite funny!), so I have decided to give you a little compliment by nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you are interested, there is more information here;

  3. ly says:

    Funny how we get invested in folks we hear about on the news, etc. I love your tribute!

  4. I think this little girl had/has conviction!
    “(and this little girl will remove any negative comments today….just saying!) ”

  5. A very touching tribute and a reminder that we are all capable of good and bad and the bad does not invalidate the good!

  6. aFrankAngle says:

    Wow … if you wouldn’t have visited me, I wouldn’t have come here, thus wouldn’t have known that today was his 100th. (I can’t believe I went the whole day not knowing this … and I watch the news!)

    The 1960 election is one of my earliest memories about politics, so given what followed over time, he had an interesting career. At least he was praised later in life.

    …. and I see some people here I know. 🙂

  7. I’m pleased to see the positive poised for us to read and not the negative. It’s tough going when all we hear about a hero is something bad.

  8. Rita Kay says:

    What a wonderful tribute, President Nixon would have been proud !!

  9. Have you seen the movie, ‘Dick’ with Kirsten Dunst and the girl from ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Michele something or other…? Its about these two silly but charming girls, who have a crush on Nixon and become his dog walker. It does poke fun at Watergate and yet you can’t help but notice Nixon’s charisma. I guess I was too wrapped up in boys and being a teenager back then to have formed an opinion… This was a great glimpse into the past and we should have respect for all of our presidents, its not an easy job!

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  11. If there was a threat to the US, Nixon’s the guy you would want to handle it. I was involved in Republican teen groups. I shook hands with Nixon three times: at a very private luncheon in 1965 at the Deauville Hotel on Miami Beach, at the rope line at Tampa airport in 1968 and at Miami airport rope line in 1972. Thanks visit my blog.

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