Check Your Blind Spots, Buddy

Hubby actually had a day off yesterday! And while we both had headaches, but didn’t mention that they were lingering….we headed out on a short adventure, not wanting to put a damper on each other’s day.

Deep in conversation as hubby is about to pass a semi-truck, the jeep that is beside us decides he wants in front of us. But instead of waiting until we were out of the way….he just went for it. Hubby’s quick brake, swerve and honk reaction, and my scream helped!,  prevented us from getting crunched by him….and kept him from getting caught underneath the semi.  Of course, I wanted a conversation with the guy.  But at the next three lights, he managed to keep from being eyeball to eyeball with us.  Jerk.


Okay….maybe he is not a jerk.  Maybe he is a dad wondering how to handle his gothic teen?  Maybe he is a husband trying to figure out how to keep his wife from pole-dancing again down at the local dairy bar?  Maybe he was lost in the thought of a past highschool love while listening to “Love Hurts” on the radio?  Perhaps the jeep was stolen?

Well all I can say is…..CHECK YOUR BLIND SPOTS before changing lanes!  (AND…you have hubby to thank that your photograph is not in today’s blog. )

Thank you….I feel better now. I get where Taylor Swift is coming from.  Instead of writing a song about the one that broke my heart….I write a blog about the one that ran us off the road!  Drive Safely and Have a great weekend! 😉


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53 Responses to Check Your Blind Spots, Buddy

  1. Great advvice for life too – always check your blind spot.

  2. Glad you lived to tell the tale, Paula! It doesn’t matter how good a driver you are, the minute you get behind the wheel and pull out of your driveway, you are subject to the impulses of every other driver on the road–drunk drivers, people using their cell phones to text while merging, and elders (like someone I know) who haven’t the strength in their legs to slam the brakes if necessary (which is why I do most of her driving for her).

  3. Tammy says:

    Glad you are safe.

  4. Julie B says:

    Good name for a book…or a song…

  5. My son is a new driver and I’m scared every time he takes the car out. He’s a very careful driver but I worry about all the other drivers out there… I’m glad you’re safe.

    • I recall reading an article many years ago that said to always 1: Drive with your lights on 2: Check your mirror before changing lanes and 3: ALWAYS look over your shoulder also before changing lanes to ck blind spots. Thank you Reader’s Digest. Enter now our world of cell phones, texting, drugs, etc….it’s just scary to always have to be in the “anticipation” mode of what the other guy is doing. 😉 Have a good one, Maggie 😉

  6. Driving home from work on Friday, some guy tore in front of me into my lane. Had I not slammed on the brakes he would have totally side-swiped my little Toyota! Amazingly I didn’t get angry, I was too proud of my quick reaction and although my eyes seem to be going, that I caught him in my peripheral vision!

  7. It only takes a split second for everything to change. You were lucky.

  8. Rita Kay says:

    Is it me or do people not pay attention anymore when driving? Gone are the days when the other driver would give you the right away. I’m glad that you and your husband are fine.

    • Oh it is not just you! It seems folks are mad men when behind the wheel. I’ve noticed here that no one seems to stop at stop signs anymore. I can’t help it….I still wave people on at intersections. It’s like holding the door for someone! 😉

  9. bulldogsturf says:

    Now I would have tracked him down and discussed the politics of Uganda with him… Jerk, it’s these idiots that cause some else to get killed on the road… Hubby should have given him a high five on the cheek…

  10. I’m going to add to your list of always’: If you’re getting ready to change lanes, PLEASE use your turn signal! Making that little bit of effort can be the difference between crashing or not (unfortunately I know this from an experience long, long ago)!

  11. This post is a great reminder for all of us to continue what they taught us in drivers ed all those years ago – ‘defensive driving is the best way to stay alive.’ After driving in DC for so many years, I thought I’d seen it all. Sadly, I’m seeing many of the same behaviors here in the central US and we don’t have near the problems commuters and just daily driving on a weekend presents in cities such as DC. I’m particularly afraid of people driving impaired and with cell phones. Even talking hands-free is a distraction in my opinion.

  12. ly says:

    Have you noticed how many blind spots are made into the cars these days? I get hives every time I put my Honda in reverse. Check them for sure!

  13. Glad to hear you are ok! I also like your perspective that maybe the driver was having a bad day. You never know, do you?

  14. I like how you imagine (thus increasing your understanding) that the bad driver is immersed in his own (challenging) thoughts. Of course that’s no excuse, but so often, we forget about our blind spots, whether driving, cooking a meal, talking with a friend, or…fill in the blank.

  15. onsunnyside says:

    No matter where you are in our country, you have to be alert for the unexpected! Like someone else wrote, turn signals are very helpful. It doesn’t need to be a secret if you’re going to make a move.

  16. Okay, this is what you need to do… you have to realise that everyone on the road is a Muppet. And you have to yell loudly that too.

    Go on… do it now… I want you to lean out of your window (preferably on a rainy, stormy night) and I want you to yell “Everyone’s a muppet and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!!”

    James has gotten to be particularly good at it, which is a useful skill because most of the drivers here in sunny Louisville don’t understand the concept of yielding or allowing you to change lane. However, you are required to use your psychic powers and simply know when you should move out of the bloody way because the %#@! next to you doesn’t know what those orange blinky lights are for and frankly doesn’t care.

    Anyway, yes, you have a kindred spirit in me when it comes to other drivers LOL

  17. adinparadise says:

    So glad you’re both safe, Paula. What a scary incident.

  18. artsifrtsy says:

    Driving in the Ozarks – only 2 lanes in most places – I rarely have the opportunity to get cut off or even drive alongside someone. It’s starting to freak me out a bit when I go to the city. Good advice. At least the photo is not of my jeep 🙂

  19. tchistorygal says:

    I got into such trouble screaming (limply, though I might add) when nearly the same thing happened to us when my step-son was driving. He spent the next 10 minutes telling me how my scream wasn’t helping. I was ready to strangle him, but at least we didn’t crash! I’m happy now to see that I can take some of the credit for our safety!!! 🙂 hahaha

  20. Slapppshot says:

    I reckon he was thinking about his pole-dancing wife down the local dairy bar 🙂

  21. My husband wants to start his own blog about nothing more than driving. He drives the interstate an hour a day, and he always has stories to tell. … I have a true story. I ran off to Florida once and didn’t tell anyone where I was going. I met a nice woman and her son at the hotel pool. Her son wanted to go to the local boat races, so I went along. On our way back, someone didn’t check their blind spot and ran us off the road and into the median. If he hadn’t taken defensive driving classes, I think we would have wrecked. How he kept control and managed to get that car back onto the road in heavy traffic remains a mystery. … True story. 🙂

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