Farmer’s and Paul Harvey…..a reblog

Paul Harvey…..still a hero!

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25 Responses to Farmer’s and Paul Harvey…..a reblog

  1. He’s got that right.

  2. Absolutely the best Super Bowl commercial I’ve seen in the many years I’ve been watching. My dad and both sets of grandparents farmed; it’s a hard, yet rewarding life. God bless all the farmers (and Paul Harvey)!

  3. I so tweeted about this commercial as soon as I watched it. It was so human!

  4. I thought this commercial was wonderful! I immediately thought of my grandparents and then of blogger Retired Ruth right here in Ohio. A big thank you to all the farmers across our wonderful country!

  5. Jeannette from CA coast says:

    Loved it! I also loved the Taco Bell one since I got a year closer to being there just yesterday:) And…I’m so happy that Michael Oher gets a Super Bowl ring:) That’s all. Have a terrific week Paula!

  6. Paul Harvey was the best of them all – the most unique delivery – the most unique format – the most endearing!

  7. We didn’t get the ad in Canada — so we went online to see it and it is beautiful.

  8. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman says:

    Amen! A wonderful tribute to our farmers, who without them we would not have food.

  9. artsifrtsy says:

    I loved the commercial and was stunned with the beauty and intimacy of the photography. It was perfect. Of course I cried over the clydesdale.

  10. Got my vote too! The Clydesdale was my favorite until that one came on the tube.

  11. killerstory says:

    Great ad. Glad I’ve seen it here.

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