Mom & Dad's Flower Garden

Mom & Dad’s Flower Garden

mom and dad's 2010- 004

Today is an EXTRA special day.  It’s our dad, Garland’s, birthday.  I won’t tell you how old he is, but if you are familiar with Elvis Presley, well, they were born the same year.  And while I can imagine dad singing on stage.  I just can’t picture the white sequin jumpsuit and the flashy scarf. 😉

In honor of my dad’s day, several folks have shared a bit of wisdom that he has spoken to them over the years.  So sit back and enjoy a few “Garland-isms”:

“If you can’t take advantage of your relatives, who can you take advantage of?”  “It’s not fair?  Life is not fair” ~hubby

Three things I especially remember. 1- He was always adamant about good posture when we were in school.  I  recall him sitting in the bleachers on the opposite side of us in the gym.  All he had to do was give us the “eye” and do his ram rod straight thing and every teenager on our side would immediately throw their shoulders back and sit up straight!  2-  When meeting him as I was driving down Main Street, his hands, of course, were always on 10 and 2 (!).  He would give the one finger wave of the index finger. 3- Whenever I (or any of us) happened to be whining about doing some chore or homework, he would always look at us and sternly declare, “It builds character.”  ~ Julie B. (Love & Birthday Greetings!)

“You’re first in line, right after me!” (This is at Sunday dinner!) “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.” ~ Sister Renae & her hubby

Never date an ugly woman. Treat em nice, but leave em at home.  ~ Grandson, Chi

You can only get good cognac in France!  ~ Grandson, Mad

Glass eyes are tricky! ~ Erin, Granddaughter

Look it up.” ~ These are the three words spoken to us so many times while growing up.  They sent me to search dictionaries, encyclopedias and libraries.  These words instilled in me a love of learning, research and reading.  These words are why my boys were raised with a hunger for learning.  “Look it up.” Good advice, dad!  Still using it!  ~ Paula

Mom & Dad's Veggie Garden

Mom & Dad’s Veggie Garden

HaPPy BiRtHdAy and Much Love, Daddy!  Thanks to you and mom for raising us right!  (although I really do hate this responsibility thing!  lol)  ♥

Disclaimer to my dad….The above quotes were sent to me via texts.  If you prefer to challenge any of these “isms”….we’ll just say they were paraphrased or perhaps due to a memory lapse on the part of the contributor.  😉

(If I didn’t get your “ism” in the post, please add it in the comments)

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65 Responses to “Garland-isms”

  1. La La says:

    Aw! My is my dad’s birthday!!!! It’s fun to collect the sayings, what a good idea, haha.

  2. Happy Birthday Garland! Love the isms 😉

  3. nanc says:

    Another Tuttle birthday today is my nephew, Kyle Osborn. Sounds like he shares it with a great man!

  4. hubby says:

    Another favorite “Oh bull! ” (Taught to a 3 year old who repeated it loudly during the pastor’s sermon) . 25 years later and I am still laughing ! Never saw Garland move so fast trying to cover Madison’s mouth . Even the preacher got tickled.

  5. bulldog says:

    Happy Birthday Dad… love the isms.. what a good way to build an image… I love it… he doesn’t look old enough to have been born in 19 .5 I don’t believe it .. he doesn’t look a day over 65…

  6. Jeannette from the CA coast says:

    Happy birthday to your Dad!! I love the name Garland and that is one beautiful garden!!

  7. Boomdeeadda says:

    Happiest of Days to you Sir. To be honest, I can’t see Elvis in a flashy spandex jumpsuit at age 80 either.

  8. Amy says:

    They have a beautiful flower garden. Love the veggie garden!

  9. adinparadise says:

    Happy birthday to your dad. 🙂 I enjoyed the Garland-isms. Very good indeed.

  10. renae says:

    So true on the “raising us right”. Sometimes it would be nice to get a day pass on responsiblility…..but then again, we are still building character. Julie, that is so funny…..I for got about “Sit up straight” and “Oh Bull” I’m going to start using that again since there is a lot of it around these days! Oh, and we always had to make our bed before we went to school, and we better not be late for school. I still make the bed before I leave home…..but sometime I may run a lttle late 😀

  11. Happy birthday to your dad. He sounds like a solid character. By the way, I love your parents’ garden!

  12. Happy Birthday, Garland! What a great name. Such great -isms, but I love the finger wave. He was ahead of his time. 😉 Lovely garden pictures. Hope you all have a great day!

  13. Hi Paula,
    What a great idea to collect sayings and memories from the whole family!

  14. I used to hate when I was told to “look it up”. No problem now, thanks to Google!
    I hope your dad has a great Birthday 🙂

  15. Love this idea of ‘isms’ !! Happy Birthday to your Dad may he have many more years to develop more ‘isms’ we should all heed!!!

  16. These isms made my day, you write so well and I enjoyed your post so much. So glad that I found your site. Keep up the great work!

  17. Bonnie says:

    What a great tribute to your dad, I love all the ~isms…it is clear he is a good man! How lucky you and your sister are, to have a wonderful father. Happy Birthday to your dad! 🙂

  18. Happy Birthday Papa Sims! Hope it is a good one!

  19. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  20. What a beautiful tribute to your dad!! He sounds like an amazing guy and very wise. I hope he has a fantastic birthday :).

  21. artsifrtsy says:

    Happy Birthday Garland – what a great name! It’s funny, I was working on a piece about Nana-isms 🙂

  22. I love this – it’s great! I hope he’s read the tribute… I had to smile when I read the advice about ugly women LOL

    You don’t know me Garland… but you’ve got an awesome family… happy birthday my friend, and clear skies to you…

    • He enjoyed reading the post and the comments today. I was a bit hesitant to post the one you mention…but then decided…..It’s about his day and his “isms”…. His humor is very dry, so until you “know” him…you aren’t so sure what to think!

      Thanks for his well wishes….he will enjoy manana. 😉

  23. How wonderful! I love your parents’ gardens. They’re beautiful…the garden AND your parents! 🙂 Love the “isms” and think they have a sound wisdom to them! 🙂

  24. ly says:

    Have loved seeing the flower garden at the top of your post and now love seeing the gardener behind it. Sounds like you were raised right and have passed it on. Happy, Happy!

  25. artblablablablog says:

    Happy birthday to a wise guy, if Elvis had listened to him he’d still be around!

  26. Patty B says:

    Birthday blessings for you dad…. I like the Garland-isms..good advice.

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