Something Funny in my Brownie ~ a reblog

Your never know what might be in your brownie! Read more from my friend, Lorri…. 😉

the eff stop

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my family’s history with cameras. Paula from Stuff I Tell My Sister, commented and told me she wanted to send me an old Brownie camera for my collection. A few days later this baby arrived – it was a bit dusty, but in great shape.

As I turned the knobs I heard the distinctive sound of film advancing inside the camera! I have been shooting some film this year so I carefully removed it from the camera. I emailed Paula and told her there was film, thinking this could be an old family camera – she told me that it was a flea market find and had no idea of what could be on the roll.

The label said Verachrome 620 – it was wider than my 120 Rollei film.  I dropped it off that weekend with a roll of…

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4 Responses to Something Funny in my Brownie ~ a reblog

  1. Bonnie says:

    So glad you reblogged this…it’s fantastic! Creative, funny and a perfect twist on one of life’s little unexpected moments! ♥

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