Rubber Mulch ~ Revisited

I have had several inquiries on the rubber mulch that we put in our flowerbeds last spring.  Here we are a year later.  We are very pleased with the outcome.  It did not fade.  It does not wash away in the rain. not that we’ve had much rain!  Insects are not drawn to it. (Ants seem to like our regular mulch) We did buy a few more bags last week to add in as it does settle a bit.  Overall we give it an “A-“. 

Here is a portion of last year’s post for those interested:

The past weekend involved a work in the front yard day. March 31. Our temp reached 92 degrees. Regardless, we made the trip to Home Depot (twice), loaded up with mulch, and started the job. The past couple of years we have debated on trying the rubber mulch. The company claims that the color lasts 12 years. That it will save you work and money not having to re-mulch year after year. No, I don’t believe them. Scotts has a one year color guarantee on their regular mulch and the reality has been about two months, maybe three for our sun in Oklahoma. After visiting with my sister though, (no pressure, Renae!) we decided to go with the rubber mulch this year. The cost is quite a bit more. But if VIGORO’s word is true, we’ll be in good shape. Plus, this time I am keeping the receipt and a bag. I will “call” them on it if there is a problem AND let you know, too!mulch

Besides loading up the mulch, I think the toughest job was watching my hubby dig out the old. It was really hot just standing out there. 😉 Then bagging up what I didn’t reuse to fill the bottom of some flower pots, that was a chore, too. As I write this, it sounds so easy! It took us several hours and we have aches and pains today, so there IS some work involved.mulch 1mulch3

The after really is pretty. And it looks like regular mulch. But it smells like a tire store! (but just at first) We still have the backyard to go. I am doing regular mulch on it and we’ll have a good comparison for the future.mulch4

Oh…and as for our backyard this year and the regular mulch? We’ll be replacing it all. Again.

Have a great day, friends. Take care of yourself ♥

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33 Responses to Rubber Mulch ~ Revisited

  1. What happens to the mulch in the long run? Does it stay there like plastic? What if birds ingest bits of it? Except for those concerns, it sounds great.

  2. beatrix mana says:

    Do you know what chemicals are in that rubber?

  3. pamasaurus says:

    I’ll take the tire store smell over the decomposing mulch smell! Haha.

  4. Great information, Paula. I’ve put down organic mulch every year because my dog thinks anything else is game to chew on! Do you happen to have soaker hoses under your mulch? If so, how well do they work?

    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You may pick it up at my blog site:

  5. That was a terrific read, I’m going to check and see if it is carried anywhere locally. Thanks!

  6. Rubber mulch – who woulda thunk it?

  7. viveka says:

    Wow, you are some gardener!!! Never heard about this before, but I’m sure we have it too … live in an apartment and gardening isn’t my strong side. Looking very good. I can imaging that some pain is involved in this job.

  8. Bonnie says:

    And just think, if you feel like doing cartwheels or handstands, you can just go in your front yard garden, it is safe for playgrounds after-all. And, I am sure the neighbors would love that!! 😀

  9. Rita Kay says:

    Thanks for the information I’ll have to check out the rubber mulch, I get tired (no pun intended) of always replacing mulch.

  10. tchistorygal says:

    I’ve never heard of rubber mulch, and your pictures didn’t load on my screen 😦 But it sounds like such a great idea! 🙂 I never tire of great ideas! 🙂

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