Bike Lessons

Happy August! How’d that July work out for you? (Read July 1st post here)  I hope you were able to put a check by something on your get around-tuit list.  I have now tried yoga for one month and ……. while I am still VERY challenged at it….I am still hanging in there.  And I have plans for new ventures for August.  which I may or may not share with you later. 🙂

bike lessons

While going through the file cabinet a while ago, I found this sign my oldest son made when he was a little guy.  I think he had taped it to our curb mailbox.

May the spirit of the young also be the spirit of our now.  Be willing to teach.  Be willing to learn.  Cheer someone on.  Make August matter…. and make it better ~

Have a good one, friends.  Be nice to someone. ♥

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16 Responses to Bike Lessons

  1. Our July was the coolest in many years and I love summer so it makes me sad, knowing it’s almost over – summer that is…

  2. I have a file of old souvenirs too that I can’t throw out. Funny how we cling to these things that mean nothing to anyone else.

  3. Bonnie says:

    July was….fun, hot, busy…full of time with friends, some goodbyes and enough quiet moments for me. Where did it go!? August…bring it on! Love this! What an enterprising kid! 🙂

  4. findingmyinnercourage says:

    I LOVE the sign! Oh my gosh it is precious! Thank you for sharing such a special treasure tucked away in your file cabinet. Gave me such a big smile!

  5. ly says:

    Love the bike lessons sign. Much better than a lemonade stand! The drawn letters always tug at my heart. Then they turn into middle school scribble! Saw a show on organizing that suggested taking photos of all the kid stuff they bring home from school. Taking photos sounds like a good idea, but could you throw away the original? Hmmmm…

    • A few years ago I took photos of some of their saved “creations” and put into book form along with Santa photos….for Christmas. A fun collection for them to have….but of course, I did keep the originals! 🙂

  6. I have nominated you for the versatile bloggers award. Keep up the great posts!

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