Visiting Small Town America ~ Pryor, Oklahoma

cowboys day tent 032A few weeks ago, hubby and I went on a no destination Sunday drive.  We ended up in Pryor, Oklahoma, where it happened to be American Cowboy Trade Days at Whitaker Park.  Even though we were not sporting our boots…this did not stop us from checking out the excitement.cowboys day and winecowboys day saddles

The folks camp over the weekend at this event. The city park is on a duck filled pond and is lined with old shade trees. You can attend Cowboy Church, have a breakfast of biscuits and gravy , and shop the interesting wares.  Visiting with the vendors is like chatting with a neighbor. the good neighbors, of course! 🙂

cowboys day main cowboy cowboys day cowgirl 020

As we wandered through….I was drawn back to an area we had previously passed. I heard the music. Isn’t it funny how music can lure you in? When I approached, there sat a gentleman cowboy, strumming his guitar and singing his tunes. Some songs were familiar, and the ones that weren’t, became familiar quickly.cowboys day and guitar up closecowboys day guitar

The song that stuck in my mind was about an old horse. The cowboy sang about the horse being told he was just too old and was of no use anymore. Others were wanting to get rid of him. But the singer vowed to feed him and shelter him. For when the cowboy looked into the old horses eyes….he still saw youthfulness and life.

cowboys day singer

You sure can learn a lot from a cowboy. ♥

P.S.  The tongue is a powerful tool.  We are given the choice every day to speak either life or death to each person we are in contact with.  Speak Life. ♥

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45 Responses to Visiting Small Town America ~ Pryor, Oklahoma

  1. bulldog says:

    Yes… speak life no matter what the occasion… I do agree, love the horse picture over the cowboys shoulder..

  2. Jeannette from the CA coast says:

    I love your “no destination in mind” trips! Great photos – love the mature cowboy and his guitar:)

  3. Great photos, Paula. Do you remember the title of that song about the horse? I would love to try and find it.

  4. Love the photos and your usual positivity!

  5. What a great surprise! I love little events like that, and to find one on your trip – just greatness!

  6. Scott Sewell says:

    proud to say I live a few miles from the fine community of Pryor, salt of the earth folks…

  7. Bonnie says:

    Oh, I soooo want to go on a no destination photo hunt with you someday!! Love those shots…the guitar images are great!! Come and kidnap me sometime!!! Just don’t blindfold me..hard to see through my viewfinder that way… 🙂

  8. Awesome trips! How do you always stumble on these great weekend events? You need to email me when you find one, so Clint and I can partake! 🙂

  9. You always find the most interesting ‘goings-on’ when setting out on your no-destination-drives 🙂

  10. Dottie Whitsitt says:

    Paula, I love to experience yours and Marvin’s adventures!! Don’t know how you find all the neat places!! Love the stories and the pictures!! So glad you are getting out and enjoying all life has to offer and sharing it with all of your friends!! Bless you and love you!!

    • Marvin’s job is very limiting on our getaways….so we try and grab them when we can and make the most of it, Dottie. Thanks for always giving your encouraging spirit. I am so glad we met so many years ago!!! love you, too ♥

  11. adinparadise says:

    I can tell you really enjoyed your visit. 🙂 I would have loved to hear the man with the guitar. The message of the song sounds very moving indeed. 🙂

  12. The colors on your photos are always gorgeous and so color saturated. I’ve given myself a big fat ulcer over my pictures never being vibrant. Your road trip makes me want to sing “Small Town USA.” Glad you had a great day!

    • Perfect song to sing, too! We are always hard on ourselves when it comes to photos. I am the same way! We’ve just gotta keep trying! You have some great shots, btw!

      Happy Labor Day Weekend! 🙂

  13. artsifrtsy says:

    Great set. I really like the close ups of the guitar player.

  14. Binah says:

    Yes, speak life indeed.

  15. ly says:

    I feel like I go on your field trips right along with you because of your great photos and your glorious word pictures. Thanks sooooo much for sharing your part of America with us!!
    Where we goin’ next?

  16. I love Pryor! There’s the greatest place to eat on 69 – or at least there used to be and it had such great homemade rolls. You and your husband are like me and mine – at least 1 weekend per month, on Saturday, we have a date and we switch off planning it. Since we live over here, we take off driving one way or the other and visit Scott Mountain or Medicine Park or Marlow the real name of the brothers in the Son of Katie Elder – there’s so much to learn and lots of cowboys to learn things from aren’t there? Sounds like a lovely time!

    • Gracious….I used to spend summers in Marlow….my grandparents lived there. Loved Mt. Scott. Did you ever eat a bison burger at Meers? I think we may have to head that way soon! Also….in Vinita….we love to eat at Clanton’s. Can you tell I love to eat?!?! lol LMK other places in the area you guys have visited! We will go! 🙂

      • Yes! I have eaten at Meers and Ischein’s and Jakes and Ken’s in Amber and I love them all! My husband is from over here – Gracemont so he knows all the good places. I, on the other hand, am from the east side and my dad graduated from Vinita High so I am very familiar with Clanton’s! Jerry has taken me to the place in the field where the art professor from OU made the piece of art out of old cars and tractors – I love that place. I didn’t have my camera with me that day. I also love the old and weathered look of the place where Rain Man had the phone booth scene and where Raymond drove the car down the long road? My husband was a photographer for the El Reno newspaper back then and he took a photo of the road – It’s beautiful in black and white. Davis is pretty and has that great tamale place but I can’t name it right now……….I’ll have to give it some more thought – Giuseppe’s in Marlow is my favorite!

      • Love Jakes and Ken’s….and also Papa’s Grill and Roy’s. Giuseppe’s is YUM! I have not yet been to Ischein’s, but hubby grew up in Yukon, so he has been. My younger son and wife live in Enid….so plan on hitting Ischein’s on one of our trips there. There are just too many great places! I love this discussion! 🙂 Great memories!

      • Roy’s in Chickasha? We lived there for several years and if I ever move from Norman, I would like to move back there. I forgot to mention Carlito’s in NewCastle. It is the best Tex-Mex I have had in years! We were in Krebs last week because I traveled to McAlester to speak at a conference – it was wonderful to shop at Lovera’s again – Didn’t eat at Pete’s but we’ll do that next time!

      • Yes! In Chickasha. I grew up in Tuttle….then lived in Newcastle 14 yrs. Carlito’s opened after we left, but I’ve eaten there a couple of times and enjoyed it. I still favor Ted’s for their atomic salsa, though. (if you like the burn!) I have never eaten at Krebs! But I do love the ice at the Sonic in Big Mac’s! I think we could do some serious damage together! haha!

      • I think we could too! I am one of those people who thinks cilantro tastes like soap and so I’m not a fan of most salsas and Ted’s sometimes (to me) goes heavy on the cilantro! 🙂 we will have to plan a trip together to do just that – eat our way across the state and blog about it in a joint venture!!

      • I am with you….am not a cilantro fan either! But the atomic salsa there….with habanero….oh my…burns the hair off of your tongue! We will have to meet up with you guys in the near future. Would love that! ♥

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