I Had a Friend

I lost a dear friend last week, unexpectedly.  I was in third grade when she and her young family moved to our little town to pastor our congregation of small numbers. They were college students. I grew up with her. She grew up with me! She is why I still eat gravy on my rice, and why I love gumbo without the okra! She and my sister are why I still giggle when I see bologna in the deli case. So many sweet memories. ♥

We never lost contact over the years. We shared secrets, sorrows and joys. We laughed. We laughed a LOT.
Berta presented me with this Bible when I was nine years old. The pages are full of writings and notes. A few months ago I found this  again, so I  snapped a photo and sent it to Berta on Facebook. This was our exchange:

How blessed I was as a child to have you, Berta, and your hubby in my life! Thank you. Love you~

Berta ~Thanks for sharing~ that somehow makes life worth living as a Pastor’s wife. So many times I have failed, but you and your family in our lives meant so much. May God continue to bless you. Love you all so very much May 2 at 5:00pm · (personal note ~ Berta never failed anyone!)

Paula~ You and Darrell have always meant so much to all of us. You have touched more lives than you can ever know! NOT TO MENTION….how many fun songs you taught me as a little girl! I still sing them!

Berta~ And riding in the car with an umbrella!

Paula ~ and losing a wheel going down the road! 🙂                            ………….

bible 1

Today I reflect, as I grieve for her family’s loss.  I am so grateful to have had Berta in my life.  She was a friend, always.  She was family.  She made the world a better place.  I already miss her, but I’m pretty sure I hear the angels singing.  I bet she’s teaching them our songs. ♥bible 2

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50 Responses to I Had a Friend

  1. renae says:

    Beautiful and so true!

  2. Rhonda says:

    I cry at your loss, and rejoice in the love you shared with her. Nothing touches us quite so much as the unconditional love of that special childhood friend that fills our hearts with such sweet memories. Prayers for her family and blessing for you. xoxo

  3. Sorry for your loss. This is a lovely piece celebrating a friend— and writing! Do kids still write at all to each other? I’m sure if I dig through some boxes I might find some letters and cards I sent or received to my best childhood friend. Thank you for reminding us how important those friends are!

  4. Dottie Whitsitt says:

    So many sweet memories of a lifelong friendship!!! So sorry for your loss Paula but you are also so Blessed to have had such a Blessed and positive influence in your life!! Love ya!! 🙂

  5. So sorry for your loss of such a dear friend. What beautiful memories you have to hold. You are such a dear friend to so many. ❤

  6. artsifrtsy says:

    Sorry for your loss – I’ve had a couple of my own lately. It’s great to have those touchstones to look at and remember fondly. Sweet story and lovely post.

  7. Oh Paula, I’m so sorry for your loss. Berta’s good qualities live in you too. HUGS

  8. Bonnie says:

    Oh gosh, I am so sorry for the loss, it’s so hard to lose a friend, a part of our history, someone who tethers us to our own lives, really. She was lucky to call you friend, and you her. Big hugs and thanks for reminding us, in such a beautiful way, to treasure the people important to us! xo

  9. writetowag says:

    What beautiful reflections on your precious Berta…I’m so sorry for your loss…God bless and be with you!!!! -Hugs

  10. utesmile says:

    Sorry for your loss, Berta was a wonderful person in your life and you wrote beautiful words for her. Wonderful to have known someone like that!

  11. Dena says:

    I’m so sorry, Paula.

  12. shreejacob says:

    That’s a beautiful tribute to someone who seemed like a sweet and lovely person! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  13. Jeannette from the CA coast says:

    Oh Paula…I’m so sad for the loss of your dear friend. Berta is an angel and she will remain in your heart until you meet again.

  14. jmgoyder says:

    Such a loss. I’m so sorry.

  15. What a sweet and precious friendship. I’m so sorry for your loss. How wonderful to have that Bible with her inscription. And the love she shared. ox

  16. Binah says:

    Soooo beautiful, just made my eyes water.

  17. bulldog says:

    Paula, so sorry for your loss… it is always sad when a friend passes on.. I recently lost a good friend that helped me get through alcoholism.. (I’ve been dry 25 years now) he passed a few weeks before my 25th celebration and would have spent the day with me, which would have been so full of fun and laughter with plenty of reminiscing.. It is at times like this that one realises just how influential ones friends can be… I’m sure you will miss her tremendously, but the memories will always be good and happy ones, and you know for sure she now sits at the feet of the Lord…
    “It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.”
    ― John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent

    • “It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.”
      ― John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent
      Thank you for this quote……It is one I will return to often ♥

      I am saddened to hear of your loss, but I suspect your friend was celebrating your accomplishment right along with you. I am proud of you, friend. 25 years dry….Congrats! ♥

  18. I’m sorry for your loss, Paula. Berta sounds like a great friend and I’m sure you meant to world to her too.

  19. mimijkm says:

    I feel your love for and appreciation of her so deeply. What a gift this friendship was – for the lessons of laughter, faith, silly songs and timeless love.

  20. julieb says:

    Hugs…sending prayers of comfort and healing…love you…

  21. ly says:

    Life long friends–nothing better. Memories will keep her there.

  22. Professions for PEACE says:

    Such a beautiful post. I am so sorry for your loss, but I deeply admire how you celebrate her wonderful impact in your life and permanent presence in your heart. Be well. Hugs, Gina

  23. I’m so sorry of your loss, but thank you for sharing this beautiful memories with us. Pawkisses 🙂

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