The 13th

Last Night's Moon

Last Night’s Moon

Flipping through Facebook statuses this morning….I have seen a LOT of mention of Friday the 13th.

I recall when I was younger, being in the car with my big sister and our Grandma S.  We were driving through her Oklahoma City neighborhood….suddenly she said “Stop!  You have to turn the car around.”  That’s when I learned you are not to cross the path of a black cat.  Even though Grandma was a God-fearing, Bible reading, Southern Baptist woman, there were a few things she held on to.  And of course we turned around!

Since that day I know I have crossed the path of evil many times without turning around. I intentionally do not throw salt over my shoulder for good luck as I know who would have to clean it up.  Many umbrellas have been opened on the inside of buildings and cars at my hand…why, I have even walked beneath ladders and lived to tell.  I never treasured a rabbit’s foot and any piece of luck I attempted to carry, I lost.

But one thing I do attempt each morning?  I thank the Lord for another day.  I ask Him to protect and bless my family and friends that would mean YOU, and I wonder how He can use me for the better good….

Happy Friday, September 13th, friends.  I am gonna venture out.  Don’t tell Grandma S ~

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22 Responses to The 13th

  1. Beautiful moon. Nothing ominous there.

  2. bulldog says:

    No such luck is made or no such bad luck is made… it is merely the wishes of God by which we live…

  3. ly says:

    One of my childhood friends and I, in high school, spent every Friday, 13 th together. It was a set date that got us together apart from all the stuff of high school. I still think of her on those days. Think I’ll email her now. Thanks!

  4. Jeannette from the CA coast says:

    Love this Paula! Happy 13th day of the month which happens to fall on Friday:-)

  5. Love the salt reference. Now I know why my grandmother’s kitchen floor was always a bit granular. 🙂

  6. Bonnie says:

    You will laugh, when you realize that it was not until about 11am today, when I had to sign/authorize something that it dawned on me that it is a Friday the 13th. Wonder what THAT says about me?? 🙂

  7. shreejacob says:

    Oh, I like this post!! It’s strange (kinda) that where I live some of the superstitions from the West have become popular here too! So we not only have to contend with those from our own culture but those from there as well! Hehe.

  8. says:

    I was REALLY brave on Friday the 13th. I got a haircut.

  9. I have to admit… I once turned my car around because I saw a black cat run across the road.
    But don’t tell anyone 😉
    You’re a good soul, Paula I’m sure Grandma S is proud.

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