A heart felt story from my friend, Sheri.

Sheri Lawrence de Grom

Mental Health – You Can’t Go Home Again
The Fourth House
By – Sheri de Grom


Logo NamiI vividly remember a conversation I had with Tom’s father in 2001. I wrote about it in my journal.

Tom and I visited his parents yearly. Each visit was difficult at best but the toll they took on Tom was nothing short of one more slice into his already damaged psyche. Looking back, it’s relatively easy to diagnose Sid,Tom’s father, with any number of unacknowledged disorders.

Sid spent considerable time berating Tom and I never once heard him say, “Son, I’m proud of your accomplishments.”

Tom’s parents held to their idea of all artisans’ being lazy and good for nothing. Their opinion was if you didn’t wear a coat and tie every day, you weren’t gainfully employed.  Truth be known, Tom made far more money the years he worked within his given specialties than…

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  1. Sheri, my husband, Chuck, had the same kind of father. I’m just sorry he died before he knew what a great son he had.

    • Delores – Thank you for reading and commenting. Parents with the inability to parent are far to common in our world. I also wish Chuck’s father had received the opportunity to know about his wonderful son in spite of the home circumstances. I shared my conversation with Tom regarding his dad but not until about two years after the event. I had to formulate in my own mind how I would share such an emotional conversation. Tom and I have discussed my conversation with his dad many times since and each time, it seems to give Tom a bit more peace. Sheri

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