About Giving

Leave the light on for me.

Open up the door.

I may not have much.

But what I have is yoursdoors2

Today I was presented with a couple of different scenarios.

I had heard through the grapevine that a local food pantry had empty shelves, so while I tried to help spread the word on this immediate need, I also called to set up a time to meet with our donation.  (They are not open every day)  The sweet lady who founded Neighbors in Need called me back promptly.  She is always so grateful for donations.  She shared that she is getting about five new families per week that need help, and how more seniors are in need of assistance with food in order to continue to afford their prescriptions. To be put in a place to decided between meds or food….  to stand in a line for needed groceries….. to swallow your pride in order to survive.  I have never been in this situation, and that is why we gladly give.  It is why I appreciate Tiffany’s heart and ministry.  No judging.  Not on the part of those in need….and not on the part of those who have and need a little reminder to help. ♥

I also had clothing and some household goods to share today.  Good stuff. I had heard promising reviews about another local place and tried to call a few times to see if items were needed.  I finally gave up and just showed up, asking if they were accepting donations.  No electronics or TV’s, she said.  Oh…and I don’t take furniture.  As much as I wanted to just drive away after her unfriendly reception….. I still left my items there.  She never said a kind word, didn’t make eye contact, and would not engage in conversation.  Frankly, I think she could have cared less that I even showed up at all.  But I still gave in good faith….reminding myself of what I often share with you…. Be kind to others, you never know what they may be going through.

Now.  That said?  I probably won’t go back to the second place with my future donations!  My point today is…. how are you received by others?  A smile or a kind word could make all the difference, not only in a simple conversation, but in your day, their day….and in what your future might hold.

Leave the light on for me.

Open up the door.

I may not have much.

But what I have is yours.doorstulsa man

Be Nice to People……



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16 Responses to About Giving

  1. joannesisco says:

    So sad to hear about your second experience. How many more, like you, will not be inclined to return?

  2. You make some good points here, not only about the giving and receiving, not only the practical tangible items but also the words of kindness and the words of gratitude. As you say, we cannot be judgmental, even when what we say or give is not seemingly appreciated. We need to give anyway.

  3. I think people that take donations should be friendly and grateful as well. My thought is that if it is a good organization, you may consider calling them and letting them know how you were treated so that others aren’t put off. Ultimately the recipients of their services are the ones who suffer in these types of situations. Just a thought.. Bless your heart for your generosity and the feelings of love and compassion that inspire your actions.
    Diana xo

    • I agree Diana…..I don’t want a pat on the back for doing what I should be doing….but what about the next person that walks thru that door. And on the other hand…. who knows what the lady may have been dealing with at the moment. I may drop in again….for kicks. ♥

  4. Sad that the second place wasn’t friendly – hope she was just having a bad day. Bad news that people are having to decide between food and meds – doesn’t happen here, though poverty surely does.

  5. It breaks my heart a bit more each time when I read statistics that actually represent real children, women and men and the plight they are in today. Thank you for this post and for giving of yourself and with your kind spirit. Poverty has slid across our country and many are far too proud to ever let on that it’s affecting them in their daily lives. However, we know critical medications are not being filled as often as the prescribing directions. I heard from a good friend of mine who was gravely concerned about elderly individuals in her church (and they are in an upscale area). Now, she and her husband make it a standard to ask 1 or 2 from their church to join them for lunch after services. Her faith has been a real eye opener for me in different ways to reach out and touch someone with kindness.

    • Such decisions should not have to be….but are a reality, sadly. As for your friends….what a wonderful way to get to know people better and help them at the same time. My eyes have been reopened this week. Yes…a reawakening that has hubby and I more determined to be more aware and more frequent in our helping those in need. ♥

  6. That second place… Maybe she was just having a bad day but look now. No second chances to make a good first impression. One of the reasons why it’s so important to smile if you can. 🙂

  7. viveka says:

    I had some similar experience with donations, that’s why I don’t do local support groups anymore, but it’s a pity – if I give I give to organizations that is established. I don’t understand that she get support with an attitude like that.
    As you say here, be nice to each other …. if we meet somebody without a smile, we should give them ours. *smile

  8. shreejacob says:

    Heh…sometimes I can be an ogre too..hehe. When I’m stressed or when I’ve just decided I’m going to be a total grump 😛

    However, what I know is that when we are open, relaxed and not all “defensive”…when we smile even a little things tend to flow and life get much easier. Maybe she just had a bad day?

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