I’m just glad you are not Thirty!

mad sings

It’s strange when your babies grow up.  When they live away and you can’t spend each special moment with them as you did when they were little ~ and Singing Happy Birthday on the phone and posting well wishes on Facebook has to suffice til you can reach that weekend meeting place.  But I still celebrate in my heart today.  I remember every tender moment of carrying this child in my womb.  Of seeing his face for the very first time.  Of watching his daddy look deep into his eyes when he held him.

Happy Birthday, my Mad.  You. Got. This.  Celebrating you today….and always.


(no pic on this song….but it is one of my favorites….I’ve shared it before, but go ahead…humor me and have another listen! 🙂 )

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14 Responses to I’m just glad you are not Thirty!

  1. mimijk says:

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby boy….(my ‘baby’ is 30..and he’s still my baby)

  2. Rhonda says:

    Happiest of days to your beautiful boy Mad! His music lifts me up…LOVE that there’s music in his heart and soul! My baby’s 30….so….what does that make me? (I know….o.l.d.) xo

  3. Happy Birthday to your grown up baby. The bond between mother and son is very special. 🙂

  4. Joy says:

    Happy Birthday to your boy!

  5. bulldog says:

    Happy birthday to him and may there just be so many more…

  6. Lynn says:

    The bond we share with our children strengthens & grows with each passing year. I too, have a son turning 29 this year. It is hard to believe some days. Like you, I am so very proud of the young man he has become.

    Your son has a beautiful voice. Happy Birthday to him!

  7. Denise Hisey says:

    Awww…our babies will always be our babies. Age is just a number. Mine are nearing 30 far too quickly, but like you I remember them in the womb. What miracles they are.

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