Sharing or Stealing?

moore squirrel

moore squirrel 3

Be nice to people.  And critters, too.

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9 Responses to Sharing or Stealing?

  1. Just havin a little taste test!

  2. andy1076 says:

    Well, with a move like this i say the lil furball earned the treat 😀 lol

  3. Rhonda says:

    I’m always of two minds with the squirrels. One hand hates that they eat the bird food. The other loves what they do to get it! Ya know? Great shots buddy…really cute! xoxo

  4. Love these shots! we have a squirrel who literally takes a running leap from the tree to the bird feeder, knocking it askance so that the feed falls to the ground. He does this repeatedly until he gets enough food on the ground to gather up for himself. Very inspiring to watch! 🙂

  5. smilingtoad says:

    This is far too cute. Fabulous post! There is nothing so charming as an afternoon spent in the company of squirrels 😉 Smiling cheers,

    Autumn Jade

  6. Definitely sharing!
    I bet, the squirrel thought: “If I wasn’t supposed to eat, here, then there would be an extra plate for me with nuts.” 😉

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