Delores and Chuck ~ Dill Pickle Beginnings

delores1A few years ago I joined an on-line book trading club.  A book was requested and I popped it in the mail ~ Destination?  Arizona.  Inside I tucked a little note sending greetings to the receiver “from Oklahoma”.  A couple of weeks after that the sweetest note arrived in my mailbox.  It seems my Arizona recipient used to be an Okie as well.  And so began the special friendship of Delores and Paula.  We e-mail often, and on occasion, pop surprises in the mail to each other. Delores has the gift of writing and making people smile.

Last week I received a copy of Power Ranch Living in the mail from Delores.  It featured a beautiful photograph of she and her husband on the cover!  Tucked inside was a fun article on their sixty-four years of marriage.  I asked Delores if I could share this on my blog.  I also talked her into sharing a few words with us about their life together.  You’ll never think of dill pickles the same way again.  ~Smile~

Delores and her husband Chuck celebrated 64 years of marriage last July 15, 2014. They laugh at how they first met each other. Delores was a senior in High School and working part-time at her friend’s donut shop and small café. Chuck was a college student who worked part-time as a delivery person for a large restaurant supply company. One day as he was wheeling a dolly, holding a large container of dill pickles, the wheel went off the ramp and the pickles went rolling all over the floor of the café. Delores was bent over with laughter, and Chuck’s face was red as he left the café. Chuck likes to say, “But I got back at her.  I asked her out for a date about a week later, and we ended up getting married a year and a half after that.”

Chuck served in the U.S. Navy for four years during the Korean War. They have raised two daughters and a son. They have three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Chuck was an Elementary School Principal for many years in California. Delores played the organ for church and at the local Mortuary during those years. They moved to Arizona eleven years ago and are happy that their family followed them there.

They have their own interests and hobbies. Chuck rides his bike all over their community, and enjoys reading and using his computer. Delores does lots of needlework, and enjoys a Creative Writing Class. She belongs to a small group of younger gals and they keep her busy going to lunch and shopping. They watch DVD’s from The Teaching Co. and enjoy learning about other cultures and history. They aren’t saying it’s easy to stay married. There were times they thought of walking away. There are no secrets to a long marriage. You take it day by day, work out your problems, respect each other, try to live by God’s commandments, and show your love in little ways.


Such a handsome couple.  Congrats Delores and Chuck! Thanks for sharing your joy with us! ♥

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25 Responses to Delores and Chuck ~ Dill Pickle Beginnings

  1. In many cases, staying to work out problems is a really good thing. The odd time, a marriage is a mistake and is not worth saving, but often, especially nowadays, people give up too easily.

    • So many situations….it is wonderful for those who work thru it….and probably good in the long run for those who must choose different paths. I certainly won’t judge though, unless I’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Have a great weekend!

      • So true. I’ve walked in a few shoes so I can say a little bit, but mainly it has taught me to have an open mind (at least I hope so), There are a lot of different scenarios out there.

  2. What a nice surprise to see these two faces on your Blog! As you know, Delores and I have been close friends for 35+ years. When she moved to AZ several years ago, it was hard to let her go – even though we were all happy for her. I thank the good Lord that someone had the smarts to invent the Internet and E-Mail! It keeps you close wherever you land. And then, through Delores, I found your Blog! I also have family connections in OK. Isn’t the world so small sometimes? Keep up the great work Paula and hi there Old Girl:)

  3. I love their story, such a beautiful couple.

  4. It’s so rare nowadays! Good for them and thanks for sharing their story Paula! ❤
    Diana xo

  5. Fascinating point of view about marriage… honestly, I think I could have stayed married until “death do us part”… we had our ups and downs but somehow, I thought, we always seemed to work it out. I guess, one day in December, she just decided she no longer wanted to.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Such a great story Paula…yours AND theirs.

    • Thanks Paula. We feel honored to be on your Blog. We don’t want anyone to think we are hero’s just because we managed to weather the storms (and the joys) of a 64 year marriage. A sense of humor helps, biting your tongue often helps, having faith in God sure helped us, and the desire to keep our family together helped. It’s hard work and sometimes a marriage just isn’t meant to be. We don’t find fault with couples who make that difficult decision. I might add that it helps to have a supply of good chocolate on hand. Paula, I’m glad we met years ago on that book exchange site. I hope some day we meet in person. love ya,

      • Delores ~ I appreciate you guys allowing me to share your story and photos. 64 years….you are both definitely heroes in my book! Chocolate….love it.

        AZ bound one of these days!! ♥

    • I love how the good Lord brings people together ♥ (that means you & I TOO, friend!)

  7. What a happy and lively looking couple. Many congratulations to them both. 🙂

  8. Kristen says:

    Hi! I’m Kristen, and I had the pleasure of meeting & photographing Chuck & Delores for Power Ranch Living. They are an awesome couple and it was truly my pleasure to photograph them and learn more about their story! I’ll be posting more of their beautiful photos on my website in February in celebration of all things love! 🙂

  9. What a lovely article. So true: “You take it day by day, work out your problems, respect each other, try to live by God’s commandments, and show your love in little ways.” Thanks for sharing, Paula!

  10. Bonnie says:

    Great story and I love their honesty about the hard times and the thinking about walking away -I think that kind of honesty makes the expectations far more realistic! Happy to see a couple like this get in the limelight! 🙂

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