From the Tail of a Blue Whale

blue whale and snow entire
After a couple of days of icky weather, today we ventured out for a little drive hoping to capture a snow pic or two. The road led us this way and then that way….but once we crossed the bridge on the famous Route 66, I started thinking tamales from Molly’s. Molly’s is a great little food truck that sets up next to the Blue Whale along that road.  We eventually did get the tamales, (cream cheese and jalapeno!)but not before doing a bit of stomping around in the mushy snow and the Blue Whale.
blue whale inside blue whale and dock blue whale and snow 047
The next time you find yourself on route 66 in Oklahoma….stop by the Blue Whale for a quiet adventure, a bit of nostalgia ….and maybe a fish taco and tamale, as well.

Happy Day. Be nice to people.

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19 Responses to From the Tail of a Blue Whale

  1. Becky says:

    Fascinating place! My grandson would love exploring that blue whale, and I would enjoy the delicious tamale 🙂 I really like the 3rd picture down, simply stunning.

  2. The blue whale looks like one of those summertime attractions that’s more fun in the winter. I’m not sure which picture is my favorite but I’ve got a whole new reason to hit OK!

    Thanks for a happy afternoon pick-me-up!

  3. andy1076 says:

    That’s quite the display at a park! neat 🙂

  4. Route 66 seems like a good place to get your kix! 😉
    Diana xo

  5. tchistorygal says:

    What a cute whale! Glad you shared. Do you have two blogs, Paula? If so, pretend I didn’t write what I did on the lavendar post.

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